The Legacy of Mark Hoffman (Chapter II)

The Legacy of Mark Hoffman (Chapter II)


Chapter 2:  Shhhh…

I knew I was in the middle of something huge and that he only spared my life because he wanted something from me. I was trapped in his tiny world of evilness and there was nothing I could do in order to stop this feeling of punishment mixed with relief. After recovering partially from the incidents that happen a couple of days ago, I was back to the Police Department working nonstop on a political investigation that involved several major figures of our government and therefore was being kept in secrecy. While working in the middle of the lunch break, I seized the moment since there was no one else me in my floor and decided to check the reports of the incident I was involved. Fortunately I was not yet considered as a suspect and therefore I could proceed with my personal investigation. After a rough day at work, I’ve decided to visit a dear old friend of mine, Suzie. She had a difficult personality and it was really hard to get a smile from that face. She was as tall as I was and had suffered from some really messed up things in childhood years. Her father decided to leave her and her mother and a few months later she found herself alone in the middle of this huge world because of her mother’s mysterious disappearing. I’ve helped her several times and we became close friends. I never knew why her mother disappeared but I knew that it was possible that someone at the Police Department was hiding her something. It was hard for me to not be able to help her in this particular situation, but I tried really hard and she was always there helping me in some of my street investigations. After reaching the front door of her modest apartment I knew something was wrong. Her car was outside, the door was not closed and I couldn’t hear any noise coming from inside so my natural instinct told me to take a look.

After taking the first steps inside the house I looked over for any signs of life but I got no answers. I saw some papers in the middle of the ground in one of them there was a picture of me from a newspaper taken after the Jigsaw incident. I started wondering why did she saved that newspaper but I couldn’t find any answers for that. The next minutes were really intense. I kept looking for any signs of her presence but the only thing I kept noticing was the wrong displacement of things around the house. Step after step there was not a single clue of what could have happened in Suzie’s apartment. While walking towards another division of the apartment, I found a particularly interesting object: a white piece from a jigsaw puzzle. Was it a sign or just a coincidence? I had to look harder for more clues. And then I noticed that her bedroom door was the only open door inside the house and therefore I’ve decided to take a look. At the beginning the darkness surrounding the room kept preventing me from seeing anything but then my foot apparently “caught” something on the floor and after grabbing it I noticed it was another white piece. After watching again carefully for clues I started to hear some noise.

“I’m sorry…”

It looked like Suzie’s charming voice but I felt it a bit tired. I tried to reach the light switch but on the precise minute I’ve touched the switched, I heard the unmistakable voice of the man that locked me in that room with his other victims…

“Hello detective, you’re probably wondering why did I kept you alive but the answer for that question will not be given tonight. Your dearest friend Suzie told me so much about you and I really wanted to get the chance to know you better. This time and only this time there is no game involved and there’s only one possible victim. You, my dear friend, have no power regarding this situation and there’s nothing you can do to stop it from happening. After tonight you’ll hear from me, that’s for sure but there won’t be any consequences for your actions. Tonight you decided to look for answers with the help of your old friend but may I can’t allow that to happen because you know detective, there are some things that need to be a secret in order to work. You know my name and I know yours. I know everything about you and you only know what the newspapers and your friends tell about me. You’re stuck in my world. And the reason why I picked this night and this place to tell you all this is because death is actually the beginning of something new. Something that is greater than you can imagine. Suzie already made her choice, now it’s your turn. Join me or you’ll die. Choose wisely.”

The recording was now over and I was shocked with all that but still I wasn’t sure of what happened to Suzie. So, after walking to the kitchen, she was lain down in the floor, naked and crying with all the strength that was still running through her veins. She was bleeding from several places and there was a piece of the puzzle marked on her chest. I wondered why she didn’t say anything while I was searching for clues in the kitchen. But then I realized that maybe she didn’t said anything because she was almost dying. Why did she say she was sorry? Perhaps because she decided to die in order to save my life and that was what Jigsaw meant with her decision. I can’t explain what happen inside that apartment but while exiting the house and calling 911 I saw a particularly interesting piece of paper placed on the back side of the front door. It had something written in what appeared to be blood and it said something that left me speechless. After that precise moment I knew I was part of his game and that there was no way out of it unless dying. It was written in big letters:


Suzie my dearest friend, I’m sorry!

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