Directors #1- Zack Snyder

Directors #1- Zack Snyder

Welcome to the newest edition of FRIDAY MADNESS! This week’s topic is a look on Zack Snyder’s visionary works. From the brutal “300” to the return of one of DC Comic’s well-known superheroes in “Man of Steel”,


Born on March 1,1996 in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Zack Snyder is a well-known director and producer. His career is filled with box-office smash hits and movies with lots of visual effects. Almost two years away from the release of his new movie which will feature both Batman and Superman, I think that is a good idea to look on this great director’s career in order to know what to expect from the sequel of “Man of Steel”.

Zack Snyder took his first steps on directing with his 2004 remake of one of the George A. Romero’s movies: “Dawn of the Dead”. Probably one of the best zombie movies I’ve ever seen, “Dawn of the Dead” was a really funny, thrilling  and entertaining ride.  “Dawn of the Dead” was a great fresh start and was perhaps the least extravagant works by Snyder. This story of a group of survivors of a dangerous plague that generated a huge amount of zombies that in order to keep them selves safe, take refugee in a shopping mall is a really great horror/zombie movie to watch with your friends at home! I guarantee you’ll enjoy every single minute of it.

dawn of the dead

But Zack Snyder’s career was only in the begging and in 2006 he presented his adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel about a group of Spartans who even in minority tried to defend themselves against the ruthless Persians.


“300” was a great war movie with lots of action sequences and visual effects that are still iconic. By seizing some of  Frank Miller’s unique storytelling style, Zack Snyder manages to amaze the viewer with gore, blood and war. The strong Spartans will defend their honor and glory and if you enjoy movies with style and amazing sequences, “300” will thrill you from the beginning till the end.

After the war between Spartans and Persians, Zack Snyder’s career took a different path but still in the comic’s world. His next movie was “Watchmen”, an interesting and stylish adaptation of the comic book series with the same name.


With complex characters and a curious story set in 1985, after the murder of a former superhero, “Watchmen” was different  but not less entertaining when compared with other comic books adaptations. A movie that despite the mixed reception by the critics is still really interesting.

After “Watchmen”, Zack Snyder’s career proceeded with the release of “Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole”, a movie about a young owl who is abducted by an evil army. I haven’t seen the movie yet but  judging by the trailer and the reception I believe that it’s just another family movie with really great effects.

After conquering moviegoers worldwide with his storytelling style and his characteristic visual effects, Snyder took another step and unfortunately for him it was a bad one. “Sucker Punch” began with an awesome premise in which a young girl  is institutionalized by her abusive stepfather. The  first sequences are shown with an amazing cover of “Sweet Dreams” that it’s available on the soundtrack and I was really impressed with the brilliant introduction to the story.


But since I am here to give you good advises, I must warn you that only the first minutes of “Sucker Punch” are worth watching. In he rest of the time well,.. While the young girl is trying to escape from the mental facility with the help of some friends, they have to defeat several enemies (including huge robots). But their enemies aren’t real… While we watch them defeating their enemies with weapons, they’re actually dancing and doing normal stuff, trying to escape that crazy place. The battle scenes looked a bit like Tekken and even though the movie had style, the substance was almost none.

After “Sucker Punch”, Zack Snyder directed one of his most anticipated works, the return of superman in “Man of Steel”. The story of this superhero that in the middle of the imminent destruction of his home planet his sent by his father to Earth. In this new planet, he will gain strength and will have to learn how to behave. But after the threat of general Zod, Clark Kent (aka. Kal-El / Superman) will have to try his best in order to protect the entire mankind. “Man of Steel” received mixed reviews and was criticized for the abusive usage of CGI and the excessive destruction in the final 30-minutes long battle that is sometimes hard to catch. It’s entertaining but the fact is that everyone was expecting better things from the movie.

And now only the future can tell us what to expect from the sequel of “Man of Steel”. We know that Lex Luthor will be played by Jesse Eisenberg and that Ben Affleck was selected to play Batman but there’s still no relevant information regarding the plot. From what we know about Snyder’s works, one thing is guarenteed for this next movie: amazing visual effects. I’ll keep you up to date when there’s anything new regarding this movie. Till then, I advise you to watch some of these movies because they’re really entertaining.

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