I, Frankenstein

I, Frankenstein


  • Directed by: Stuart Beattie
  • With: Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Miranda Otto
  • 92 Minutes
  • IMDb: 5.3

Like one of those never ending trips, I was forced to “ask” the movie “Are we there yet?”. I decided to watch this movie because one of my favorite reviewers said that the movie was a bit like a guilty pleasure and then he compared it with movies like “Van Helsing” and “Constantine”. As a teenager, I found both of these movies really entertaining and I have to confess that I was a bit of a fan of both. So I had hope that this could actually be a nice idea. Right from the beginning I knew something was wrong. The characters just seemed weird to me and it took me a lot of time to get used to the gargoyles. The visual effects were okay but they were a bit repetitive and by the end of the movie I was tired of the flames that left the daemon possessed bodies. The whole concept of the movie actually seems a bit poor. It’s not the typical Frankenstin monster story and the idea they had was used several times so therefore it’s hard to feel attached to anything in the movie.


The story of I, Frankenstein  is set in the present days in which an order of gargoyles (the good guys) are trying to protect mankind from a ferocious daemon leader interpreted by the great Bill Nighy. Adam, Victor Frankenstein’s creation, interpreted by Adam Eckhart as a  hero without soul, is caught in the middle of a fight between gargoyles and daemons and then he finds himself in the middle of this huge war that it’s occurring right under the eyes of mankind. In order to protect the ideas of his creator, Adam needs the help of a scientist named Terra (interpreted by Yvonne Strahovski, the Hannah McKay from DEXTER). If the plot summaries present in the internet don’t attract you then my friend don’t waste your time watching this movie. 


I was expecting a bit of “Van Helsing” but the only thing I got was a bad hero fighting in the middle of a senseless war that was only happening because someone decided to not destroy the diary that contained Victor Frankestein’s secrets. We’ve all seen this kind of stories and it was a bit annoying to me to watch an easily avoidable war. So, just to summarize even more the whole thing, Bill Nighy wants to bring back to life the bodies he was saving since the Middle Age in order to create a powerful army. This was only possible with the help of the diary of Dr. Victor Frankenstein. So in order to protect mankind and himself from this monstrous plan, Adam has to attract the gargoyles into the evil guys secret hideout. Just like “A Good Day to Die Hard” in which McClaine was constantly saying he was on vacation, Adam keeps reminding the viewer that he has no soul. And keep that in your mind already because it’s truly important to understand the movie (or maybe not).


I, Frankenstein is filled with predictable moments and poor acting. It’s a movie you shouldn’t watch (since there are so many great movies to be watched) because it fails to be entertaining. A poor adventure that needed something else in order to work for me. I liked Bill Nighy’s performance and some of the action sequences but it’s not enough to enjoy even a single bit the movie as a whole. A failed attempt to crossover horror and adventure. I, Frankenstein tries to be a bit like Stephen Sommer’s “Van Helsing” but it fails in almost every single aspect (and I’m not considering “Van Helsing” as an example of a good quality movie). Incoherent and loud, I, Frankenstein is a failed fantasy.



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  • This was awful. They put a ton of money into a flick that should have never been made. Even the visuals were disappointing! The best thing to do with a film like this is laugh about it. Otherwise, the perks are not present!

  • “Even the visuals were disappointing! The best thing to do with a film like this is laugh about it.” My friend, these two sentences describe perfectly what was going on in the movie. I feel like I’ve waisted precious time and that I’m shocked by the fact that this movie was released in IMAX 3D worldwide. Who in the god’s name thought this had any potential to be released and accpeted by the audience? Seriously? It’s a war between gargoyles and deamons. Even the idea sounds stupid. But the fact that someone said this was one guilty pleasure made me want to watch it. Now, I just regret my decision. Thanks for your comment.

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