The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)


  • Directed by: Wes Anderson
  • With: Ralph Fiennes, Willem Dafoe, Tilda Swinton
  • 100 Minutes
  • IMDb: 8.4

It’s funny to think that several hours ago I was watching my first experience directed by Mr. Wes Anderson. It was original and refreshing and a surprise to me (you may read this week’s edition of MUST in which I’ve decided to speak about this precise movie: “The Royal Tenenbaums”). I was with really high expectations for his latest movie: “The Grand Budapest Hotel” since the trailer looked really extravagant and the randomness of all the things happening in it attracted me a lot. “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is the combination of unusual and unexpected events that lead the most recognized member of the staff of the hotel and a lobby boy in an adventure that is beyond one’s imagination.


The story begins with an old man, the current owner of the gigantic hotel, telling his story to one of the few lonely guests left at the hotel that was really curious about the old man’s history. He began to introduce him to Monsieur Gustave (interpreted by the grand Ralph Fiennes known for “The English Patient” and other great movies), the most important figure and member of the staff of Grand Budapest. He was a charming man who enchanted the poor old ladies that were staying at the hotel. In one of those particularly interesting affairs, one of his “lovers” was predicting that something awful was about to happen and she didn’t want to leave the majestic hotel. Unfortunately for her, she was found dead and Monsieur Gustave accompanied by his beloved new friend, the new lobby boy Zero, went to her house in order to give her some words of love. Since the dead lady was particularly rich, most of her huge family was attending the reading of her will. After an unusual event, the greedy members of the family are confronted with the news that the famous painting “Boy with Apple” was going to the hands of Gustave. Outraged, some of the family members declared that there was some kind of misunderstanding and that the painting could not be given to Gustave. And then the most unusual and funny adventure begins with a really funny and psychopath Willem Dafoe trying to kill everyone who might be considered a threat to the well-being of the decease’s family. With the help of Agatha, a little girl with a pure and brave heart and the Secret Society of Crossed Keys, Gustave and Zero fight against a conspiracy that was happening under everyone’s nose.

The story was absolutely funny and the several silly and unusual events made it a lot special to me. I enjoyed the awkwardness of the movie and I’m entitled to say that I’ve become a fan of Mr. Anderson’s work. His curious style allows the viewer to feel attached with everything that it’s happening and this movie was not only inventive but also really well written.

It was not made to be enjoyed by everyone but I’m sure that most of regular moviegoers will love this pleasant stay at the magnificent Grand Budapest. For those who seek easy and cheap entertainment perhaps this was not made for you but I can assure you either way that I enjoyed a lot everything in the movie.


“The Grand Budapest Hotel” was one of funny and mysterious movie that made me laugh really hard at specific times about strange and awkward events. With a fascinating cast and the amazing performance of Ralph Fiennes, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” conquered me with the funny and intriguing style and with a captivating story that allowed Zero to learn everything that would allow him to be the most honorable member of the staff of Grand Budapest.


Thank you for this wonderful movie Mr. Anderson. It was definitely an exquisite and extraordinary journey. Brilliantly executed and filled with an amazing story, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is near excellence and was by far the best movie I’ve seen premiering this year.



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