Today my girlfriend told me to watch Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums and so I did. It was my first experience in the crazy world of this well-known director and it was a lot different from everything I was expecting. While reading some of John Green’s novels I faced the title of this movie several times in the interviews and appendices. Whether you’re a fan of Anderson’s work or you’re just looking for a great movie, The Royal Tenenbaums is definitely a good pick. 

At the beginning I was a bit confused with everything happening at the same time. There was a father that su**ed at parenting and his three prodigious kids. Since they grew up without a present father it was obvious that a couple of years later, after announcing that he had a terminal disease, some of the elements of his family were a bit reluctant with the fact that he had to stay with them at their house. While watching his plan going on perfectly, Henry Sherman (interpreted by Danny Glover) finds out that it was all a lie and that he was only using them and seizing their generosity. He left the house and after that a series of unpredictable events happens and we are invited to the daily life of one very particular and curious family. 

The style looks a bit exaggerated but after 30 minutes of movie I was used to it and was enjoying the complexity of the characters. Their feelings and their fears are shared with the viewer in a very unique way and it’s fascinating to watch their evolution through the rest of story. Gene Hackman and Anjelica Huston did a really nice job but it’s a fact that most of the time the screen is filled with the presence of Gwyneth Paltrow and Luke Wilson who both made terrific performances. While listening to a great soundtrack (including the theme “Hey Jude” by The Beatles), the viewer watches a father trying to gain his family love and trust and a man trying to be victorious at love. From sadness to happiness, The Royal Tenenbaums deserves to be seen for the way that family issues are taken care of. Because even with disappointment it’s still possible to forgive and while trying to be forgiven, Royal Tenenbaum, the man that ignored his kids and that faked a terminal disease, will learn how to care about them and how to make them happy. 

A funny and moving story that I enjoyed in so many levels and that left me with more curiosity for “Grand Budapest Hotel”, also directed by Wes Anderson. With a terrific cast, The Royal Tenenbaums is definitely a movie you should watch before you die. 




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