Before watching “Groundhog Day” the only remarkable movie I’ve seen with Bill Murray was “Zombieland” (I know that for a guy who loves cinema that is probably a huge sin) and now, all of a sudden, this was the 4th movie I’ve seen with him and I am starting to become a fan of his work. “Ghostbusters” is probably one of the most iconic comedies ever made. It features amazingly funny ghosts, three young scientists with powerful “vacuum cleaners” that are the only weapons they need to defeat their unusual enemies. For those of you don’t know yet what’s the story of “Ghostbusters” here’s a small summary:

Three scientists interested in paranormal events get kicked out of their place at a small university in New York City where they studied. After their first meeting with a visible paranormal entity they decide to set up a business in an old firehouse to protect people from these entities by trapping ghosts and spirits for money and they name themselves the Ghostbusters. When it all seemed to be working, a gateway to another dimension is open and evil is released upon the city and instead of using just their regular traps, they will have to try a lot harder to defeat this supreme evil lord and save the city from eternal darkness.

The movie is really funny and the main theme (well, everyone knows the main theme but in case you don’t click here to hear it) is perhaps one of the best theme songs ever made specifically for a movie. Bill Murray is really funny as usual and the unpredictable events work in a really great way. In case you know a major part of the story since this movie has already 30 years and was aired several times in television, trust me it’s still worth to be seen. “Ghostbusters” is a comedy that even 30 years after the release is still remembered and deserves a place in several lists of movies you must watch before you die.

If you are looking for a funny movie I’ll leave you with this suggestion. “Ghostbusters” is really enjoyable I can guarantee you that you’ll laugh a lot while watching it. In the end, after this chain of unusual events there is something you won’t definitely forget:

If there’s somethin’ strange in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call?


Overall, with a third installment being prepared, “Ghostbusters” is a great pick to watch with your family and a timeless comedy that both kids and parents will enjoy for sure.



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