Ted 2 (2015)

Ted 2 (2015)


  • Directed by: Seth MacFarlane
  • With: Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane, Amanda Seyfried
  • 115 Minutes
  • Português: flag-portugal

This is clearly Universal Pictures’ year with Jurassic, Grey and Furious 7 leading box-office charts worldwide and with Pitch Perfect 2 also pleasing audiences with the Bella’s skills. Well, we still have the both amazing and intriguing sci-fi hit, Ex-Machina, joining this list of great bets from the only studio that shows my country in the logo. So, with many Bananas coming soon, it’s time to give a warm welcome to Family Guy – The Movie, or to be more precise, Ted 2, the sequel that gather’s back the thunder buddies in an adventure that was almost ruined by the huge amount of scenes revealed in the trailers. With a cast filled with great names like Morgan Freeman and Amanda Seyfried who decided to join the irreverent duo (Mark Wallberg and Seth MacFarlane) mostly known for their jokes à la Family Guy. Yes, the fluffy talking teddy-bear who loves getting high is back and this time to fight for his rights.

In this second installment, Ted and his newlywed wife Tami-Lynn will see themselves in the middle of a fight against the State, while Ted needs to prove that he’s a person in a court of law in order to have his life and his rights back. To help him with this huge issue, Ted will count on his thunder buddie John and on a young lawyer Samantha who will witness the powerful friendship between them.

As a great fan of MacFarlane’s work in Family Guy, I must admit that Ted was funny because it relied on the style and irreverence of the TV Show. The controversial jokes and that I don’t give a crap! style actually worked in the movie. However, I was not expecting it to work again in a second installment and perhaps that was why I decided to keep a reluctant attitude regarding this one. Sure the first installment was funny and MacFarlane’s jokes are funny most of the times… But the fact is that using this formula over and over again is not working that well anymore. Just like the latest seasons of Family Guy, Ted 2 has good moments, some of them were already shown in the clips while others were fortunately kept as secret, and most of those moments are quite funny. But despite all those moments, there’s not that much to see in this second installment. Both the story and the characters only work when there’s a joke in the middle, which kind of makes the whole movie a huge series of up and downs that never succeeds.

For the fans of the first movie, Ted 2 might be a good catch, but for those who weren’t caught by the charms of the talking teddy-bear, this is still not enough to surprise. The story as a whole is easy to predict, but the addition of Seyfried who replaces Mila Kunis as the female lead of the story was a good idea. Morgan Freeman is also there with is god-like voice, contributing with his knowledge to help John and Ted. The storm buddies remain irreverent and funny, at least when they’re together but this wasn’t enough to entertain me during almost two hours. Ted 2 is less funny than its predecessor but when it shines there’s no one able to stop the good jokes.

A series of ups and downs that never succeeds… Yep, Ted 2 follows the usual formula of MacFarlane and adds nothing to what we’re used to see from him. It has really funny moments and great cameos but, ultimately, it never becomes as funny as the first movie.


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