20th Critics' Choice Awards-Winners

Yesterday, several hours after the Oscars’ nominees announcement, the winners of this year’s Critics’ Choice Awards were revealed so I wanted to write this small post telling my thoughts on this. With few surprises and some great winners, this edition of Critic’s Choice Awards can be seen as a preview for the Oscars Ceremony… While Birdman won in numbers, Linklater’s Boyhood proves once again its full potential in this year’s Awards season. Zimmer’s supporters I am sorry to say that even though I enjoyed a lot Interstellar’s soundtrack, what Sánchez did for Birdman was amazing and totally unpredictable. A unique score that in the end deserved to take home the award for BEST SCORE. But Nolan’s defeat at the Critics’ Choice continued during the night and again it was Birdman who swiped the awards. BEST EDITING and BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY were easy categories for Interstellar in any other year… However, when one witnesses the uniqueness of Birdman it’s difficult to keep supporting Nolan’s work. Although Interstellar was technically amazing, Birdman amazed me and impressed me in a way I was not expecting, so I kind of agree with these awards. Guardians of the Galaxy, Interstellar and The Grand Budapest Hotel were acknowledged as the best action, sci-fi/horror and comedy movie of the year, respectively.

Gone Girl won the award for BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY, which is a great decision since Fincher/Flynn’s adaptation of her own book is compelling and amazing and it was one of the few times I said that the book was tied with the movie. Fincher’s thriller was a great adaptation and I still can’t believe it wasn’t nominated for this year’s Academy Awards. The award for BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY was delivered to Birdman. The original story of a man chasing the dream of his life to become a prestigious actor also took home the award for BEST ACTOR. In fact, Keaton won the same award twice in the same night (for comedy and for drama) which is well deserving since his performance is terrific. Julianne Moore took home the award for BEST ACTRESS for her performance in the movie Still Alice and as for supporting actors there were no surprises (J. K. Simmons (Whiplash) and Patricia Arquette (Boyhood)).

Richard Linklater closed the night in a great way by wining the awards for BEST PICTURE and BEST DIRECTOR. Apparently 12 years of hard work condensed in almost three hours of what we could call as a representation of life in its natural state was enough for this great director conquering critics everywhere. When one adds this victory to the one at the globes, Boyhood is starting to reveal itself as this year’s strongest contender for the most important awards. Will this happen again in February? We’re really close to know the answer to this question…

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