Laggies (2014)

Laggies (2014)


laggies (2014)

  • Directed by: Lynn Shelton
  • With: Keira Knightley, Chloë Grace Moretz, Sam Rockwell
  • 99 Minutes
  • Português: flag-portugal

We all have a piece of our childhood inside of us that allows us to be somehow happier in a stressful society. For Megan (Keira Knightley) life was almost a roller-coaster of happiness until the day it stop being. Suddenly her long-time friends started growing-up and the bonds that united them were vanishing. Megan was not ready to change and she was tired of always seeing the same faces and doing the same things. By this point you should be asking why the heck didn’t she move away from that place and my answer is quite simple. There’s a boyfriend who still sees their high-school friendships as a top priority in their lives and who can’t listen to what Megan wants. But when Megan is confronted with her boyfriend’s proposal, she seizes the opportunity to escape the life she was so tired of for a week. During her escape she becomes friends with a 16-year-old girl Annika (Chloë Grace Moretz) who allows her to stay in her house but, when she meets her single dad the way she saw her life changes completely. So yep, Laggies is the usual story of a quarter-life crisis that reflects the good things about changing our lifestyle.

As a romantic comedy, Laggies is a soft and warm movie one can easily enjoy during a cold night and even though it’s predictable (let’s face it a good romantic comedy doesn’t necessarily need a surprise factor to be good), it has potential to please audiences with an interesting interpretation of what growing-up means. First we have Megan, the young woman who wants to take a break from her daily life, with a funny attitude and who is always ready to play with her “mature” friends. Megan sees life in a relaxed way that her friends and boyfriend kind of neglect. When she meets Annika, a girl who is a lot younger, she sees some similarities with the way she behaved in that age, which ended up helping both of them by building an interesting and lovely relationship that began in a very peculiar way. It’s funny to see the way that these characters connect with each other, even though they are from separate generations and it’s even more funny to witness how Megan’s thoughts on her friends and family change abruptly. Megan teaches Annika the things her dad is unable to teach while she gets used to a new perspective on life. As for Annika’s dad, he’s a man devastated by love who after several failed relationships is tired of feeling sad and empty. When he and Megan meet it’s a bit like an attraction of opposites so it’s funny to see how the three characters relate with each other during the movie and the way Megan’s presence in their house influenced everyone’s lives. As for Megan’s friends and boyfriend, they are like a crazy group of high-school friends unable to disconnect for a while and unable to understand Megan’s thoughts.

So yes, we all know how this ends but Laggies still manages to be very relaxing, funny and entertaining. The movie focuses its attention in a young woman’s perspective on life and ends up showing how new relationships can change our perspective and thoughts, which is interesting in my opinion for a romantic comedy. Even though I couldn’t relate with the characters, the way they interacted in the screen allowed me to leave the theater in a really good mood. And I’m saying this because in the end, the thing I enjoy the most about “feel-good” movies is how pleasant they are for any viewer. Everyone, whether you’re a man or a woman can enjoy Laggies because comedy and romance are mixed in a really nice way. This way, this movie can easily be seen in a date or just to entertain a bit. Keira Knightley’s character was a bit exaggerated but by looking at the full picture one can easily forget that issue. Knightley’s sweet and funny performance accompanied by Chloë Grace Moretz dealing with teenager’s issues is a curious mix of not so different personalities.

In the end, Laggies is not memorable but it has the potential to put the viewer in a good mood. With a story that focuses more on life’s issues rather than the love problems, Laggies is a really pleasant movie. Of course it lacks energy and substance but I don’t think that matters a lot to judge the movie. Laggies fulfilled most of my expectations and instead of trying too hard to become something memorable focused only on pleasing the viewer with a lovely story about life and about not leaving the child that is inside us. So if you’re still wondering whether you should see this movie with your girlfriend/boyfriend, my answer to you is to go for it. Funny, attractive, sweet and with a soft and friendly tone, Laggies is about accepting who we really are and about facing our issues instead of just pretend they aren’t real, because deep down we need to care about ourselves before caring about the others. Laggies is a “feel-good” movie that it’s effective in bringing good mood to a society that needs to relax more often.


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    • Eu não o considerei uma desilusão porque era aquilo que estava à espera. Para começar leva-te um pouco aos dramas daquela fase inicial da vida adulta e depois não se prende à ideia de construir depressa o romance que tás à espera. Deu para divertir e para descontraír. Peço-te apenas que repares que as minhas críticas centram-se mais no meu gosto/interesse relativamente ao filme em vez de me centrar na qualidade do mesmo. Talvez com o humor certo seja mais tolerável ou talvez porque eu goste de ver a Knightley no grande ecrã… É engraçado que eu para comédias românticas costumo puxar a nota um bocadinho para cima. Ainda assim ,muito obrigado por partilhares a tua crítica! Abraço

      • É como as minhas análises, centram-se no gosto e interesse. Mas também no que achei dos desempenhos dos atores, mas no fundo é na minha opinião que centro os meus escritos. Eu tinha as expetativas um bocado altas, por isso é que me desiludiu um bocado.

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