Welcome to Independentwood

Welcome to Independentwood



Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s edition of PROJECTOR! Hollywood industry is changing and so are movies. While some movies are dumber than ever with the stupidest stories I’ve ever heard of, we are also being invited to watch some clever and interesting movies that will certainly prevail in the history of cinema. Big companies like Universal Pictures are investing more money in franchises instead of helping innovative stories that are able to touch everyone’s heart. Because of all this, Hollywood industry it’s adapting itself and as the time goes by, independent producers are receiving more awards. Instead of pleasing only the masses, these producers are supporting some of the most touching and moving movies I’ve ever seen. The influence of independent producers in the world of cinema it’s this week’s topic of PROJECTOR. So seat back and enjoy this trip to INDEPENDENTWOOD.

You’ve probably noticed that this most of this year’s Oscars nominees for Best Motion Picture have one thing in common. They were produced by independent companies. And if this is a surprise to you than you probably are not paying attention to what is going on. This independent production companies are getting a lot of attention these days in Hollywood. Companies that need awards and festivals as a way to get more audience.

The independent movies are often recognized as those movies with a deeper meaning and more substance, that are only available in some rare occasions and that achieve their status in Hollywood after winning awards at well-known festivals. Sundance is perhaps one of the most charismatic events, that helps year after year independent producers to gain influence in the world of cinema. Movies like “Her” are an example of the influence of independent movies these days.

Realistic and touching stories and powerful characters are therefore being hindered because sometimes the investment made by independent producers isn’t enough to deliver the most amazing experience to the viewer. Instead of supporting these movies, major producers are investing in titles that are successful at the box office.

I know that movies like “The Way Way Back” and “The Spectacular Now” are not made to entertain the masses but both of them have wonderful coming-of-age stories that deserve to be seen by everyone. Here in Portugal, unfortunately, week after week, people continue to support movies like “Grown Ups 2” and “That Awkward Moment” instead of supporting movies with a better story. I know that everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and tastes and that sometimes people prefer to watch a funny movie just to laugh a little bit, but if you think about it for a while, clever movies can also be funny and most of the times these are the true “feel-good” movies that deserve our attention.

In 2013, independent production companies invested in top quality entertainment, giving us fascinating stories that touched everyone’s hearts. They gave us movies like “Short Term 12”, with realistic characters and wonderful performances. Their influence it’s probably bigger than ever and most of these movies are getting several nominations at some of the most important awards ceremonies around the world.

This is more than just a mere opinion article. I want to make this an appeal. An appeal to everyone. Because sometimes these movies don’t have the same opportunities than major producers’ movies and therefore they’re left behind. Because movies like these will probably make you feel better. Because these powerful and great movies will make you think and revive some of the best moments of your life. These movies need our support. And I am not saying that everything that is made by Hollywood major producers is bad because movies like “Gravity” and “Inception” were truly outstanding.

Independent movies achieved an important status in 2013 by conquering our hearts with moving stories but there’s a long way left for them to get the same opportunities as major producer’s movies.

I just want the same opportunities for these movies, because sometimes it’s only possible to watch them after the DVD release. Because sometimes the season blockbuster is not the best thing to see. Because even though money speaks louder, we are still capable of judging by ourselves what is better. So, stop for a moment and think for a while. By giving your support to independent movies you are helping those who had less opportunities. I want to appeal everyone’s sense to support movies like “The Way Way Back”. Give them a shot and I promise that you won’t regret it.


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