Review | Shaun the Sheep Movie (2015)

Review | Shaun the Sheep Movie (2015)

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  • Directed by: Mark Burton, Richard Starzak
  • With: Justin Fletcher, John Sparkes, Omid Djalili
  • 85 Minutes
  • Português: flag-portugal

The new animated treasure from Aardman is mostly a humble and contagious work that without any exaggerations nor complications manages to become the ultimate summer movie. A quite simple plot, appropriate for all ages and filled with funny moments is what this movie has to offer… A delightful experience for the entire family. I was curious to watch it and my expectations were enormous and thankfully, Shaun the Sheep Movie was surprising in every level with a story that is, deep down a lesson of humility for most of the movies released nowadays. For an animation studio that has already delivered enthusiastic movies such as Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run, this was just another accomplishment that confirms the talent of those who work hardly on these movies.

Shaun the sheep is tired of doing the same work at the farm everyday. He decides to take a day off. In order to do that, he needs to make sure the farmer doesn’t know. When more happens than they can handle, the sheep find their way in the big city. Now they need to get back to the farm. [Sinopsys: IMDb]

It’s mostly the great technical quality of stop-motion animation that makes this movie a memorable work, with a carefully elaborated environment and lovely characters. Here, every detail matters and that is clear for any viewer while watching the movie. For those who know some of the studio’s previous movies, it’s needless to refer the quality of the technical aspects, since Aardman was always amazing in this field, but the fact is that while we are constantly introduced to new digitally animated features, this happens to be a small treasure that needs to be praised. Even without counting on the technical aspects, the movie shines with a simple plot with almost no drawbacks and plot holes and it never tries to be something more than it actually is. For those who’re familiarized with the animation series, this is just a bigger and funnier episode with more elaborate events. There’s a more childish and innocent side in the movie that allows kids to enjoy an adventure filled with unexpected situations and with moments that will entertain grown-ups for sure. The dialogue was replaced by onomatopoeia and fun is granted with innumerous details and enjoyable events in a movie that needs to be contemplated for its full potential and quality.

Although the plot hasn’t any aspect that needs to be highlighted and even though it isn’t an awesome movie, the truth is that its quality and potential are quite impressive and allowed it to become a memorable work of art. With carefully thought details spread throughout the entire movie and with a story based on the importance of friendship, Shaun the Sheep Movie surprises everyone for the natural way the story is told, giving this way a tremendous contribution to modern cinema as a lesson of modesty and humility. With fun granted for the entire family, this is a movie for both kids and grown-ups that will leave no one disappointed.


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