Quick Review | True Detective S02 (Ep. 1-4)

Quick Review | True Detective S02 (Ep. 1-4)

true-detective-titleAfter watching 4 episodes of True Detective, there are so many questions to be answered and honestly I don’t think 4 more episodes are enough. The first season was probably one of the most brilliant series I’ve seen on television, filled with a mysterious and intense story about two unconventional yet dark and incredible detectives played by McConaughey and Harrelson. That first season was so damn good that I actually had my hopes tremendously high for this comeback. So far, Nic Pizzolatto has developed an interesting plot that got me in the two first episodes. Ok, they aren’t as good as the ones from the first season, but they’re still pretty enjoyable and intense. I noticed a dark tone in the story and the characters are quite complex. The third episode was somewhat disappointing, while the latest left me with my mouth wide open. So far, the episodes are characterized by a slow development that ends in an abrupt and most of the times shocking way.

So far, we’ve seen Colin Farrell’s character “dying”, Taylor Kitsch’s behavioral issues and Rachel McAdams’ weird relationship with sex. In this team of 4 great actors, the one we’ve seen nothing awkward is Vince Vaughn and my god he has been surprising me a lot in a role that doesn’t fit his usual repertoire. The main issue in this second season is the fact that even though the story is interesting and good, it’s kind of a letdown when compared with the first season. This new season is filled with strong performances but I’m still not convinced with it. So far, Rachel McAdams has done a solid job as detective and Colin Farrell’s character is probably the most interesting one.


Deep down, I want to see how this will end, but I’m still waiting for the dark energy and mysterious plot that made the first season a quite unique experience. Pizzolatto must have something one his sleeve after that disturbing and shocking shootout that left the three detectives without a single clue of what to do next. In this violent and abrupt way, viewers witnessed the end of this first act that lacks what made True Detective one of the most awesome shows in history. Either way, the interesting story and the performances of a great cast are enough reasons to keep me interested in this second act. Tell me your thoughts on this first season? What were your favorite moments so far and what do you expect to see in the second act? 😉

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