The Legend of Hercules

The Legend of Hercules


  • Directed by: Renny Harlin
  • With: Kellan Lutz, Gaia Weiss and Scott Adkins
  • 99 Minutes
  • IMDb: 4.2

Every man has a destiny, you say? Then I must have done some really bad things because no one deserves to watch this movie.

Usually I do not watch bad movies because I search for the critics’ reception and check the IMDb score before considering watching the movie but in this specific case I had to give it a chance because Jeremy Jahns’s review on his YouTube channel was so funny that it made me think that this could be one of those movies that are really bad but also funny (like “The Room”). It only took me 3 minutes to realize what I was about to witness. 


So Summit Entertainment, the same company behind “The Twilight Saga” and, more recently, the movie “Divergent” decided to support this bad copy of the up-coming Hercules movie starring Dwayne Johnson. I really don’t know if the story is the same and, trust me, that even if it isn’t, there’re still so many bad things to talk about this movie. 


“The Legend of Hercules” is the story of one bad king with a clearly fake beard, King Amphytrion, (I believe that they were trying to make him look a bit like king Leonidas from “300” but I will just stop assuming things like this one) who watches his wife being abducted by some kind of mystical stuff (it was actually Zeus but the only thing I saw was a sheet floating in the air) after a successful invasion. So his wife now carries Zeus’ son, Hercules. King Amphytrion, with his low communication skills that made him incapable of speaking unless he screamed, decides to call his new born son Alcides and then we watch a close up of his wife and the baby and she says that his real name is Hercules. At this moment some funny things already took place like the most stupid battles I’ve ever seen in nowadays war movies. Instead of being thrilling, these battles were just dumb and gave me only more reasons to laugh about this movie.


The CGI of “The Legend of Hercules” is really poor and there’s one specific scene in which a “super” lion appears and instead of walking towards his victims he just “teleports” all the way to them. After this, the two brave men who were standing against him (Alcides was one of them) say that the spears they carry are useless and after a successful throw against the huge lion, the spear hits the animal but apparently he was made of metal and the spear fell to the ground. After watching his king and his brother betraying him and stealing  the love of his life from him, Hercules (I mean, Alcides) has to go through an amazing journey (which is actually a bit short and really not exciting) in order to save the love of his life and fight his way back to his rightful kingdom. With the help of Zeus and Sotiris (interpreted by Liam McIntyre, the Spartacus from Starz’s series), Hercules will rise from the bottom and he will prove once and for all that he his truly a god. 


I am really sorry for Liam McIntyre because after “Spartacus” I think he deserved a lot better than a crappy movie like “The Legend of Hercules”. It’s true that I laughed a lot, but particularly in the first minutes and in the final battle of the movie, there were some really dumb things going on. The costumes were bad, the acting was really poor, the leading actor was just a casting mistake and the effects were also far from being okay. In some of the fight scenes, after being hit by arrows and swords, the soldiers do things that we only watch in low budget movies. For its budget, it’s obvious that “The Legend of Hercules” is a complete failure in every sense of the word. It’s just so hard to enjoy anything in this movie. If you thought that “Clash of The Titans” was mediocre than you’ll probably think the same as I did about this movie. 


“The Legend of Hercules” is not one of those bad movies that you should watch. The movie is just simply bad and I have to advise you to stay away from it. A really bad movie that was even dumber than the idea of joining gargoyles and demons into a Frankenstein movie. This movie was just one hour and half of bad dialogues, a poor hero, blue thunders coming from heaven, really annoying CGI effects and people dressed with potato bags. Please, don’t waste your time watching it.


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