World War Z



  • Directed by: Marc Forster
  • With: Brad Pitt and Mireille Enos
  • 116 Minutes
  • IMDb: 7.1

Review: There’s a lot of weird and crazy stuff happening in “World War Z”, a zombie film that fulfilled my daily dosage of action. I understand that a lot of people will be against my opinion but I did actually enjoyed a lot this film. You will not find the typical zombie horror film in “World War Z”. This film it’s like a mix of really awesome action sequences filled with a large amount of visual effects and poorly executed horror sequences. There are some moments when you can’t figure out what the hell it’s happening because the action scenes are a little bit fast and confuse. The zombies were okay and there were some intense sequences (for example the plane sequence) that made the movie a lot more enjoyable. “World War Z” it’s not great but it had style and fulfilled all my expectations.


0 thoughts on “World War Z”

  • Good review Tiago. It’s a waste of some very good, very powerful source-material, however, with what they were able to construct here, I can’t say that they did all that bad to begin with.

    • I do believe too that “World War Z” had really powerful source-material but I also think that they could work a little bit better with the material they had. But as an action movie, it works really well.

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