The Conjuring

The Conjuring


  • Directed by: James Wan
  • With: Patrick Wilson and Vera Flamming
  • 112 Minutes
  • IMDb: 7.6

Review: James Wan you almost got me with Insidious, and with that I mean you almost gave me the most scary hour and half of my life inside a movie theater. I was scared as s***t but I could handle it. But then, three years later, you were able to bring to the world the most brilliant horror movie of the decade and perhaps one of the best horror movies ever made. I am of course talking about “The Conjuring”.


This amazing film based in the stories of Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) who were American paranormal investigators (associated frequently with “The Amityville Horror”), got my nerves right in the beginning. There is so much to explore in “The Conjuring” and the mysterious atmosphere only helps to create the sense of fear. I’ve seen a lot of movies about possessions but none of them were as good as “The Conjuring” was. Sequences like the “clap and hide” game when Carolyn plays it with her daughter and we see the first paranormal appearance in the closet will be really hard to forget.


But what makes “The Conjuring” really special it’s the fact that there’s a story, a really mysterious story, that the viewer could be easily attracted. I felt the characters fears and I kept wondering my self every time what the hell was going to happen next. I was scared for almost 2 hours but on the moment that those credits role, I knew I’ve just witnessed the living proof that it’s still possible to make excellent horror movies. “The Conjuring” reaches a new level of intensity and creepiness that possessed me.



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