Saving Mr. Banks

Saving Mr. Banks


  • With: Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson
  • Directed by: John Lee Hancock
  • 125 Minutes
  • IMDb: 7.8

Review: I’ve only seen “Mary Poppins” last week and I was amazed with almost everything. “Mary Poppins” it’s definitely a wonderful film for the entire family and a proof of all the magic that Disney it’s capable of bringing to the world of cinema.


Yesterday, after seeing Disney’s “Saving Mr. Banks” I must confess that I was really lucky for seeing “Mary Poppins” on the television. Even thought the fact that the 3 minute-long trailer ruined almost the entire plot of the film, I felt happy and moved by this heart-warming story about how Walter convinced P. L. Travers (i mean Mrs. P.L. Travers).



The performances of Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson are really wonderful to watch.


“Saving Mr. Banks” it’s not just a great way to honor “Mary Poppins” and all the work of Walt Disney. I think, “Saving Mr. Banks” also adds a bit of magic to the flying nanny story. The plot of the film drives the audience to the life of Pamela Travers (the creator of Mary Poppins), after accepting a deal made by Walt Disney to adapt her story to the big screen.


At the beginning, Pamela Travers connection to Mary Poppins it’s a bit difficult to understand because she rejects some of the ideas that actually made “Mary Poppins” a wonderful and touching musical. Days after days, she continues to reject ideas from Disney until they come up with an idea to make her happy. And that idea (the ending scene of “Mary Poppins”) gave the movie, that touch of magic that I was expecting from Disney.



And after the revelation of that idea, the audience finally realizes the connection among Pamela and Mary “Mary Poppins and the Banks’ are family to me”. And that connection it’s the reason why I felt moved with all the film, because after that moment all the pieces are finally together. So, “Saving Mr. Banks” it’s not just a “documentary” about “Mary Poppins”, it’s about the real meaning of the flying nanny that comes when winds in the east. After seeing it, you will feel moved, happy and you will want to ear one more time “Let’s Go Fly A Kite”. “Saving Mr. Banks” it’s a fantastic movie for all the family!




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