Computer Chess (2013)

Computer Chess (2013)


  • With: Kriss Schludermann and Tom Fletcher
  • Directed by: Andrew Bujalski
  • 92 Minutes
  • IMDb: 6.4

Review: Moviegoers around the world, if you are interested in witness the perhaps most inventive retro movie ever made, this review is my gift to you all. If you are tired to know what is happening in a movie and you want to see something different and out of the box, then “Computer Chess” is a wonderful suggestion. A movie about a man vs. machine chess tournament that contains several weird things. For me, it was a bit disappointing.

I watched “Computer Chess” because one friend of my told me that it was wired and therefore he wanted to talk someone about it. Before watching it, I searched for some reviews and I have to confess that I was expecting something a bit good, since the movie has 86% at Rotten Tomatoes (Average rating:7.4/10). I just gave it a try and now… I do not know what is my opinion about the movie. I just know that it was so wired and the story was a complete mess.

Instead of focusing in one story, “Computer Chess” is like a compendium of short stories that have almost nothing to do with the chess tournament. In almost 90 minutes, the viewer is invited to join an odyssey of computer programming and less intelligent nerds. By watching “Computer Chess” I learned several things about debugging that were unknown to me. Things that did not make sense at all.

In “Computer Chess” the machine is intelligent and has free will. You will meet a wired guy who after knocking every single door at the hotel where the tournament is taking place, ended in an empty room and was found later by a group of religious people. You will watch performances that would a lot better in any other movie rather than this one and fancy mustaches.

A movie about artificial intelligence and some other things that are not related to chess. A movie that tries to be intelligent and innovative but that ended being disappointing. Instead of bringing the spirit of the 80’s, the movie fails in several things.

Overall, I am not sure about what rating should I give to this movie and since I did not care about almost everything in the movie, this review will remain open for suggestions.


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