The Oscars' Influence

The Oscars' Influence


PROJECTOR NO.4: The Oscars’ Influence

Hello everyone and welcome again to my weekly chronicle PROJECTOR! I knew that I had promised the PART II of my Oscars Predictions but unfortunately I have not watch yet all the nominees and I am also preparing a really great article that will probably help you win some bets at work about the Oscars winners. I am also preparing everything for the announcement of the BAMBOO Awards winners. Because of all that, the topic I chose to talk about this week it’s the influence of the Oscars on today’s society. So seat back and enjoy this week’s edition of the PROJECTOR!

The Oscars, like any other award ceremony, exist to congratulate and honor the year’s greatest achievements in film-making. Since 1929, the Oscars gained a lot of influence in the world of cinema. Every year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) awards the best of the best in a luxurious ceremony that has become the most important event of the awards circuit. The road to the Oscars it’s that time of the year when moviegoers around the world have the chance to watch what the movie studios believe that are their favorites.

But while congratulating some of the year’s greatest movies, sometimes controversial decisions are made and those decisions are affecting the way how a moviegoer sees the Oscars and this year was no exception. Ron Howard’s Rush and the Coen’s Inside Llewyn Davis were out of the nominees list, leaving a lot of critics and moviegoers mad and shocked with the decision. Decisions like this one, are changing the ways people react to the Oscars winners announcement, because sometimes the movie that impressed with a wonderful and powerful story or with innovative filming techniques it’s out of the game, and the academy picks another, not so great, movie about historic events. There are some exceptions and perhaps are those exact exceptions that are stopping me from creating a conspiracy theory.

Since 2000, the Academy has made some risky choices that have degraded its image a bit. Choices like “Crash” and “Chicago” are an example of that. But with so many great movies awarded over the years have we really the right to judge the voters for some controversial picks?

Its a fact that the Oscars are delivered to what the Academy considered to be the best of the best of the year and that sometimes our picks are total snubs in the ceremony. That it’s a really strong motive to stop believing in what the Oscars stand for. But think for a moment, movies like Inception, Hugo and The Shawshank Redemption were wonderful and really strong candidates but they lost at the ceremony and of course that made a lot of people getting mad with the academy but the fact is that the winners of those years were also really great films. So instead of judging the academy because some of our picks lost, we should look to all the winners in the past and think twice because despite the political reasons that are behind some choices, the fact is that since 1929, so many movies were honored and most of them are part of the history of cinema.

The Oscars are like a trigger that drives moviegoers to theaters all around the world just to watch the nominees and that means a lot to the industry. This year, most of the nominees are from independent producers that are becoming stronger than ever when compared with Hollywood’s major companies. The industry it’s changing and the quality of the independent movies it’s improving. It’s a sign of change and it’s something that could change the way how blockbusters from major producers are seen.

Movies like “The Spectacular Now”, “American Hustle”, “12 Years a Slave” and “Short Term 12” are changing the industry. And for independent movies the awards ceremonies are a really great way to be noticed.

The Oscars weren’t made to please everyone and although all around the internet, moviegoers around the world, are criticizing the Academy picks, the influence of Oscars it’s huge in the industry and therefore nowadays just a simple nomination it’s enough to be noticed. The Oscars are loosing some of the influence that conquered over the years but its importance it’s still huge for the cinematographic industry.

In one only night, the Academy will deliver 24 awards that will honor some of the best movies of the year and if their decisions don’t please you, just remember that what makes a movie fantastic it’s not the number of awards but the way it made you feel while watching it, because you all know that feeling when we are a watching a really great movie that touches our heart.


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