The Fault In Our Stars – Trailer Reaction


Hello everyone! When I read John Green’s wonderful novel “The Fault In Our Stars” I felt so moved a touched by that beautiful love story between Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters. There were times when I was alone at the metro station and I felt so happy while reading the book because despite some of the cliché moments this story captures your atention and your feelings. This powerful YA novel was definetly one of the best novels I’ve ever read and because of that I’m really excited for this film! First of all the casting choices were great in my opinion, I loved Shailene Woodley in “The Spectacular Now” so I was really happy when I saw that she was picked to play Hazel Grace. While watching the trailer, all the feelings I had while reading the book started to running through my veins. I have some doubts with the casting choice of Willem Dafoe to play Peter Van Houten, baucause I am not capable of imagining him the way that John Green described in his book. Isaac was also a little bit diferent than the way I imagined him and the fact that they choose to cast people who suffered from cancer in the Support Group was a really great thing. It’s a book for boys and for girls, a story about survival and about dreams. It’s a must read book and a story that will conquer the hearts of everyone! And now, we only have to wait until June!


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