300: Rise of An Empire – An IMAX 3D Experience

300: Rise of An Empire – An IMAX 3D Experience


  • Directed by: Noam Murro
  • With: Sullivan Stapleton, Eva Green and Rodrigo Santoro
  • 102 Minutes
  • IMDb: 7.1

Review: Every single time I walk into the IMAX theater here in Portugal I leave speechless with the magnificence of the experience that is offered to the viewer. The visual effects and the action sequences that in a normal theater are enjoyable have a larger impact when watched in the huge screen of the IMAX theater. Almost eight years after the release of Zack Snyder’s epic and stylish movie about the 300 Spartans who tried to defend Sparta from the tyranny of the persian king Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) based on the comic book written by the well-known Frank Miller (the author of “Sin City”) named “300”, Noam Murro and Zack Snyder present the adaptation of Miller’s yet-to-publish comic book “Xerxes”: “300: Rise of An Empire”.


“300: Rise of an Empire” is set before, during and after the huge battle of “300” in which 300 brave spartan warriors lost their lives while defending their honor, their home and their king (King Leonidas). Even though I miss the charisma of Butler’s character I have to confess that after watching the sequel I was happy with the final result. The style, the gore and the action sequences with lots of slow motion were still there and I missed in a certain way the amazing battle sequences of the first movie.


The persian king Darius tried to invade Greece but he was stopped by the Greek soldiers that attack the persian ones. During the battle, the Greek general Themistokles (Sullivan Stapleton) killed King Darius in front of his son, Xerxes. After the murder of King Darius, Artemisia (interpreted by Eva Green), a persian woman with greek blood that wished to watch the entire Greece burn after the assassination of her family by some Greek soldiers, convinced Xerxes to avenge his father’s death. Xerxes turned a king-god and after that he decided to attack Greece and conquer their territory. He sent a messenger to Sparta to offer earth and food in exchange of submission (this was shown in “300”) and he proceeded with his invasion alongside with Artemisia, the commander of the Persian navy.


With little support and time to act,  Themistokles and some soldiers attacked Artemisia’s boats but the superiority in numbers over sea and land of Xerxes’ troops was a huge obstacle to the Greek soldiers. After winning the battle against Leonidas, Xerxes thought that everything was now in control but without realising, he had created martyrs and the revenge of the Greeks could come any time soon. In order to defeat the vengeful Artemisia and Xerxes, the entire Greece will have to defend itself in a ruthless battle. Spartans and  Themistokles’ army will have to fight alongside to defeat the Persians.


So if you enjoyed a lot “300” as much as I did, this movie won’t disappoint you. The battle scenes with boats were really amazing to watch and the soundtrack was also really great. The sequences with lots of gore and slow-motion are back and so is the style that Zack Snyder gave to “300” and that made it looking really awesome. “300: Rise of An Empire” is an epic movie about war that managed to be as good as the first one. If Leonidas was present in this movie I would give it a larger rating, since I was a bit disappointed with the presence of the Greek general and hero of the story Themistokles. Artemisia, one of the villains of the movie, was by far a greater character and a lot more interesting to watch. Eva Green made a really great job, by giving a feminine and vengeful touch to the story.


Moviegoers prepare yourselves for almost two hours of awesome battle sequences and lots of blood. Watch it in 3D and if possible in IMAX because it’s worth paying the extra money. The details of the battles looked astonishing and vibrating in the IMAX screen. This IMAX Experience will immerse you in this world of war. I was surprised with how much I enjoyed it since the negative rating in Rotten Tomatoes was a bit disappointing. Watch this movie and I promise you won’t regret it. I got everything I was expecting from it, from the huge amount of blood to the amazing battles, “300:Rise of An Empire” was a good way to return to Sparta.


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  • I found it a difficult film to review. Because, though it entertained me a bit, after viewing it I started recollecting some of the glaring mistakes, logical loopholes, and plot errors. But, then you also think that it did entertain you moderately and so, some of those mistakes are forgiven.

    Good review, btw.

  • Movies like “300:Rise of An Empire” are usually really hard to reviewed because we know that usually they’re not very artistic but if they entertain us a lot than they shouldn’t be considered as bad movies. I enjoyed the original a lot and even though I felt that the sequel was a bit short, it had great sequences and in IMAX it looked really awesome! Thank you again for your comment.

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