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BAFTA Award Winners 2015

Boyhood v. Birdman… The fight continues and tonight, Linklater took the biggest awards home at the BAFTA Awards Ceremony in the Royal Opera House. Boyhood received 3 awards for Best Film, Best Director and Best Secondary Actress which places it in a strong position at this year’s Oscars categories. Julianne Moore for Still Alice took home the award for Best Leading Actress, which is just a confirmation of the previous award ceremonies and again by looking at all these categories, the Oscars this year might become predictable. Even the fight for Best Leading Actor it’s starting to lose its impact since Eddie Redmayne took home the award for his amazing performance as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, standing out as the frontrunner after several weeks of doubts. The amazing story of Jane and Stephen Hawking also received awards for Best Adapted Screenplay and for Outstanding British Film. At last but not the least, the award for Best Animated Film went to Phill Lord and Christopher Miller for The Lego Movie, the biggest snub of this year’s Oscars’ nominees.


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