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OSCARS 2015: Nominations

Every god damn year is the same thing… The Academy picks their nominees and the surprises are almost nonexistent (specially when it’s time to pick the winner)… But wait… Because this year something different happened. There were some surprises. Meryl Streep was nominated… again… The Best Picture category has now 8 nominees (Seriously guys pick a fixed number because this is not working.)… Jessica Chastain and David Oyelowo were forgotten by the Academy but what really messed up the whole thing are the lack of this three elements in the nominees list:

-First, The LEGO Movie, one of this year’s most amusing, original and strongest animated feature films of the year was only nominated for Best Original Song. A sad decision by the Academy that leaves out of the picture one of the most compelling works in animation the world has seen in years.


-Second, I noticed that Nightcrawler was not an Academy favorite and that’s clearly a sign of how conservative those guys are… But come on, you don’t have to enjoy the movie to praise one of the best performances of the year! Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance is surprising, compelling and addicting which makes him one of this year’s biggest snubs at the OSCARS.


-Third… This one is more for personal reasons, because David Fincher’s adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl was one of the best I’ve seen in years and I don’t see any credit for it in terms of Screenplay and Movie. For an Academy worried with the fact that this year most of the frontrunners are indies, Gone Girl could have been the savior of those worries, since both audiences and critics worldwide praised it a lot.


Either way, in the end all comes down to a triple threat match between The Grand Budapest Hotel, Birdman and Boyhood. 



  1. My head says Birdman will win, but my heart says Grand Budapest Hotel as I lover Anderson’s work so much. Mind you, I love Linklater as well, so Boyhood would soften the blow if that won.

    Gyllenhaal being snubbed is outrageous, you are right!

    • Birdman is really amazing and between those 3, it’s probably my favorite… However the Academy will probably go for Boyhood since it took Linklater 12 years to film one of the most natural representations of life I’ve ever seen on the screen.
      Gyllenhaal’s performance was amazing and I still can’t believe they left him behind…
      As for favorites I am still unable to pick mines since I haven’t seen some of this year’s nominees…
      Thanks for the comment! Best wishes!

  2. I haven’t seen American Sniper yet but it would be hard to imagine that Cooper deserved the nomination over Gyllenhall’s performance. The Academy really loves Cooper, three years in a row he’s gotten a nom haha. Yeah, Lego Movie got the shaft big time. Good post.

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