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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014)


  • Directed by: Peter Jackson
  • With: Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage
  • 144 Minutes

It’s a celebration; it’s the conclusion of a world-wide phenomenon and in the end this means that we’re going to have to say good-bye to some of our favorite characters that are part of the world of cinema for several years… All around the world, fans most of moviegoers were going through a mix of feelings before the defying chapter that concludes the trilogy of Bilbo Baggins’ journey alongside with Thorin and his dwarfs and Gandalf. Whether you like his movies or not, it’s impossible to not admit that Peter Jackson is without any doubt the king of Middle-Earth and the world he built based on Tolkien’s novels is one of the most engaging cinematic experiences the world has ever met. Great actors, great performances and amazing stories… It’s time to say good-bye… One last time!

The third and final installment of The Hobbit follows the final events of the second film, with Smaug unleashed and ready to spread his fire across Middle-Earth and with the orcs preparing to claim the mountain of Erebor that Thorin and his company are fighting for. For all Middle-Earth everyone wants to take a part of the huge treasure of Erebor but at the same time no one is ready to an eminent war. Gandalf is still captured by the orcs and the Necromancer is getting stronger… With evil spreading towards all Middle-Earth, it’s time to fight one last time to fight against evil before it is too late…

The atmosphere is clearly darker in this installment and the story worked really well as the best possible prequel for the amazing LOTR… I know it’s hard for Peter Jackson to reach the same quality level he reached directing the LOTR trilogy and perhaps that’s why there was always some sort of criticism over his decision of dividing The Hobbit into three movies. Even though I still think that three movies was too much, I must say I enjoyed this movie a lot and it was a great way to end the whole trilogy. When Thorin is cursed by the treasure of Erebor, it takes the courage of one hobbit to unite the dwarfs. After going through a series of dangerous adventures, Bilbo needs to gain courage to defeat a common enemy in Middle-Earth… While it’s always a great thing to see Martin Freeman, Christopher Lee, Ian McKellen and the rest of the amazing cast together on the screen, I was a bit sad with Benedict Cumberbatch’s short appearance. With the bravery of Bilbo, the craziness of Thorin and the abilities of Legolas (Who could easily become the next Superman), the movie is like a gigantic battle in which things happen in an intense, enjoyable and quick way.

We all knew the ending was inevitable but the way Jackson managed to save the best for last was amazing. This third installment is emotional, powerful and it’s impossible to not enjoy it…  Even though there is some exaggeration, most of it in the scenes where Legolas shows up, the war scenes and the dramatic ones worked really well… With so many things going on, it’s almost impossible to not feel attracted to a plot filled with tension and emotion… For one last time, the world is invited to see how LOTR has begun and how brave Bilbo was. In the end, The Hobbit is about learning and gaining courage from our greatest fears and about the power of a union… It’s about greed and about true love and it’s about fighting for what’s right. With all the main characters introduced, Peter Jackson delivered an enthusiastic prequel with the always amazing sets from New Zealand and the great performances by an excellent cast.

There are some flaws, that’s true and again The Hobbit is far from being as good as LOTR was… Yes Legolas is Super Mario and Superman at the same time… Yes the Necromancer scene was a bit exaggerated and yes there are some minor moments that ruin a bit the whole picture but in the end, it was a pleasure to witness this amazing journey. For the fans and for all the moviegoers, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies ends the trilogy in an intense way. There’s simply no time to rest and in the end, when it’s all over… It’s time to say one last good-bye…



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