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John Wick (2014)

john wick


  • With: Keanu Reeves, Michael Nyqvist, Willem Dafoe
  • Directed by: Chad Stahelski and David Leitch
  • 101 Minutes

When action movies are becoming predictable and less interesting and when Keanu Reeves is still suffering from being a samurai in 47 Ronin, no one and I mean really no one could ever imagine something like John Wick! After losing everything he cared about, his wife, his car and his puppy, John decides to return to the life he abandoned and there’s no one capable to stop his personal revenge and with a plot like this I can only expect a bad movie or a badass experience. John Wick is the return of Keanu Reeves to the big screen and it also stars our beloved Green Goblin, Mr. Willem Dafoe. For a more masculine audience and for a world that needs an action movie that is actually interesting, John Wick is like an anticipated Christmas gift. Thrilling, exhilarating and enthusiastic, here’s my review for a man’s personal vengeance.

After his wife’s death by cancer, John Wick’s calm life was ruled by despair and sadness… Besides doing some of his daily chores, John’s life basically consisted in driving his amazing Mustang like he was in the middle of Fast and Furious but after receiving a small gift from his wife his sadness was replaced by a mix of happiness and gratitude. John received a really cute puppy that he named Daisy so that, according to his wife, he could love and care about something rather than his car. By now this moment, the movie was becoming cute and fluffy and if I hadn’t seen the trailer, I couldn’t expect what was about to happen. After witnessing his puppy being murdered by a group of guys who were apparently related with the biggest criminal in town and who only did this to steal his great car, the man who appeared to be weak and devastated gets consumed by anger and by a wish of vengeance and from that moment on the legend of one of the best killers of all time continues. John starts preparing his vengeance and for one last time, without any kind of regret and fear, he will only stop after fulfilling his vengeance wish.

John Wick is probably one this year’s revelations and it can be seen as Keanu Reeves return to good and enjoyable movies. After defeating demons like a complete badass in Constantine, Keanu is brought to a world that could be easily misinterpreted as a Michael Bay’s dream without explosions. He is funny, he has style, he drives an awesome car and from the beginning to the end he is constantly hiding things in his pocket to surprise the audience in the right time. John is an explosive character, able to kill guys in ways I had never imagined to be possible like while dancing in the disco. The amount of deaths caused by John Wick is brutal and it’s impossible and I enjoyed every single moment of his presence the best I could. But it was not only Keanu Reeves who got my attention. After dancing Swedish hip-hop in TFIOS, Willem Dafoe returns to the world of crime this year after a great performance in Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel. Dafoe plays a vicious killer that has to decide constantly between the prize on Wick’s head and their friendship and does this in a really funny way. Besides these two, I had the pleasure the witness the rise of one of the funniest villains I’ve seen in an action flick that was a stereotypical Russian character and I also had the pleasure to see a sexy woman killing guys with style.  In the end, after hundreds of deaths caused by these guys, John Wick seizes enthusiastic performances by a cast who was able to be funny in a way I never thought it was possible in an action movie.

But is it only meant for men? Well it’s full of testosterone, that’s for sure, and most of the movie can be summarized as a killing fest funny as hell. The jokes are good and in some brief moments I couldn’t stop laughing. While it entertained me a lot, John Wick was also a great evidence of Keanu Reeves’ talent since he was capable to deliver a satisfying performance that mixed action with feelings in a great way. John Wick suffers from a necessary exaggeration that is satisfying and almost surprising… The things that usually are seen as stupid or dumb in some action movies work really well in this movie because when all the characters are connected, the unforeseen and inexplicable events end up giving the whole thing something different to remember. There’s potential for a more feminine audience in elements like the cute puppy and Keanu Reeves’ style and the jokes make it pleasant to everyone.

Overall, you may think you’ve seen everything in an action flick but I can guarantee you that John Wick is able to surprise you.  It has great amounts of action, charisma, jokes, great cars and sexy dames and there aren’t any boring moments. John Wick is surprising and entertaining and gave me enough reasons to enjoy it a lot. For an audience tired of action films without feelings and funny stuff, John Wick combines the best of the two worlds into almost two satisfying hours that will make you laugh and feel thrilled. With a quick pace, the movie cuts right into what matters… It’s payback time!

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