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One year of Panda’s Choice

One year… Throughout one whole year I learned so many amazing things about movie blogging and there are still several things to be discovered. Writing about movies is, for me, a way to join two of my biggest passions (cinema and writing) into one exciting project. When you read so many great things like I do in the blogosphere, you feel like you’re part of something big… Something that allows everyone to share their thoughts, their ideas, their passions, their disappointments and their creativity… Yes, blogging is far from being a new thing but it’s still something one does with pride and joy. One year ago, I was watching Malavita (The Family) with my girlfriend and when it was over I thought about writing a small review. It was not a big deal but the joy I felt writing it and the great amount of movies I’ve seen made me took a bigger step. And from that moment on, Panda’s Choice was online. Well it was first called Haha, What a review Panda! as a reference to Tommy Wiseau’s The Room but when I bought the domain I thought about changing the name of the blog to the current one.

My first reviews were definitely incomplete and I still believe that after so many learned things there’s still space to improve. Each time I write a review my purpose is too give my readers my thoughts on the movies followed by a small analysis about the quality of several aspects like the acting and the plot. Watching a movie is a thrilling experience that allows the audience to travel through unknown worlds and to feel things in a way only movies are able to and this is probably why I found this world so amazing and attractive. When I began blogging about movies it was clear to me that watching bad movies was going to become inevitable and this can be seen as a negative factor in the whole picture. However, bad movies are needed in the same way bad moments are since they give us reasons to love even more the good movies. But since I’m no expert in the field of reviewing, I’m just writing all this to say to all my readers how thankful I am for the support and the great comments! From brief chronicles to special projects like MUST, Panda’s Choice is a place dedicated to this amazing art and to those who like to know my thoughts on movies. It’s true that I’ve tried to kept weekly chronicles but with so much work in college and so many movies opening it’s really hard to keep up with everything so, for that I’m sorry. Still, PROJECTOR and MUST are on and I will give my best to tell you my thoughts on other areas.

This whole experience has been an amazing adventure and I must thank everyone who has supported me, from friends to movie distributors and without forgetting the film festivals organizations who allow me to talk about movies and topics I am not that familiarized with. Less than two weeks from now, I will invite you to read my special coverage of the first edition of COMIC CON Portugal, the biggest POP Culture event in my country and I will also begin my retrospective of 2014. I am preparing some changes, not just in visual terms but also in terms of content so that I can offer you the best possible experience. So, to all of my followers, to those who helped me in terms of contents and to the ones who support me with advices, revisions and who share my contents a deeply honest thank you! Thanks to you all, there are still many more years to come with amazing movies and many more surprises!

It is a pleasure to share with you this magnificent experience!

Tiago Ricardo



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