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Frank (2014)


  • Directed by: Lenny Abrahamson
  • With: Michael Fassbender, Domhnall Gleeson, Maggie Gyllenhaal
  • 95 Minutes

If you want to join a band please make sure that its name is easily pronounced, that there isn’t a crazy woman in the middle and that Magneto isn’t the lead singer. If that is the case, oh my dear friend you should watch “Frank” before making any decision.

The movie I am about to review is probably one of the weirdest experiences I’ve ever seen and I felt the urge to see it twice just to be sure about my opinion and in the end of the second screening I finally knew what to write about…  A nice guy’s dream(Domhnall Gleeson)  led him to a very unusual journey in which he quits his job and he meets a really mean woman (Maggie Gyllenhaal) accompanied by a guy who likes to f**ck mannequins and Magneto (Michael Fassbender) covered by a funny but at the same time creepy mask. Is this creepy enough for you? I bet it is… Welcome to the world of Frank!


Jon (Gleeson) was a regular man with a steady job and a steady life who always dreamt about becoming a musician. For years he tried to perfect his talent by writing some songs but unfortunately none of them was good enough. One day while he was tweeting about a yummy sandwich he was going to eat for dinner, he notices a guy screaming in the middle of the water. Approached by a weird guy in the beach about what was happening, Jon ends up being invited to join their band for a show in the town. At last Jon was one step closer towards his dream or at least he thought he was. Everything in his life will change when he meets a guy named Frank, whose face is constantly covered by a funny (but creepy) mask. With Frank, Jon will learn how to reach his creative self but he will have to do its best to win a place among the other band members.

There are so many reasons to like Frank as there are to dislike… It’s like the movie is divided into two very different acts and you don’t know why did this. The first act, trust me, is so funny that I laughed really hard in both screenings. The jokes are really good and mixed in the middle of improvised songs they become really special. Alongside with some of the weirdest characters I’ve seen, the whole experience remains in my mind for the peculiar incidents and for the pleasant performances by most of the cast members. Maggie Gyllenhaal plays Clara, a woman in love with Frank and who works really hard together with him, side by side, composing extravagant music about the least interesting things ever. She’s constantly complaining about Jon’s talent and dedication because she believes that due to Frank’s condition, it’s best for him to remain unknown. Jon is a nice guy with a steady job whose wish is to join a band. When he joins Frank’s band to begin the recording of a new album, he starts publishing on social networks videos and stories about his new experiences. Alongside with the band members he will learn how to investigate his mind deeper by doing the most unusual things ever (when it comes to record a music album) like building instruments or playing children games. It’s a really funny experience that is only possible thanks to Frank. Frank is the lead singer and an artist who looks for inspiration in the most ordinary things to compose amazing songs. Constantly covering his face with a mask, Frank starts relating with Jon by telling him his facial expression.  A nice guy with a good heart, Frank was the basis of a band that didn’t care about the mainstream fans and was only trying to make amazing songs. By the time they finish the album, Jon finally met his creative self and they were “ready” to show their talent for the people from Texas. Unfortunately for them their journey towards Texas will change everything…

And in that precise moment, after being under attack by crazy characters, funny jokes and indie pop songs, the movie reveals itself and all the amazing energy of the first act turns into melancholy and sadness in the second part. All of a sudden, I stopped laughing and the movie began hitting me with sad and unexpected events that ended up ruining a bit the whole experience. When you give a guy a good time you can’t expect he falls himself in tears all of a sudden. Turning a funny story into a serious one has to be really well done to work in a great manner and unfortunately for Frank the change was a bit abrupt. Suddenly, Jon sees himself into the middle of sort of a nightmare alongside with Frank simply because he dreamt about achieving greatness while this wasn’t possible for the lead singer. Act two, the serious one is dedicated to reveal Frank’s story and who he really is. So basically the characters we fell in love with during first act reveal themselves in a serious way that ruined all the fun for me. Yes it has heart and soul but I was enjoying so much the funny side of the story that the abrupt change ruined me a bit the experience.

Michael Fassbender’s performance in Frank is powerful and true and it highlights so well in the middle of the movie. Our talented Magneto shows some of his talents as a singer and so far the final song in the movie “I love you all” is still sounding pretty well in my head. As for Gleeson, the first and last time I saw him was in the lovely About Time so I wasn’t sure about what to expect. His character was funny and he delivered energy and enthusiasm to the story which worked pretty well alongside the darker and mean performance by Maggie Gyllenhaal. She was great at her role and as far as I’m concerned her mean attitude allowed the story to be more interesting. However just like I’ve said before, the story loses some impact in act two, which represents half of the movie. The potential is clear, the feeling is there and despite the bad thing I’ve mentioned, overall Frank is enjoyable and it’s probably one of the weirdest experiences you’ll ever see.

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    • Thanks! 😉
      It’s quite funny to see that Frank still remains in my mind as one of last yera’s most special movies. Michael Fassbender is a talented actor and his performance in the movie is somewhat unique. I still have some of the songs playing in my head while I’m writing.
      Best wishes!

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