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Chicago (2002)

And all that Jazz… It was in 2002, when Rob Marshall decided to adapt a Brodway musical that ended up being one of his biggest hits. Winner of 6 Academy Awards including Best Picture, Chicago beat the competition with catchy songs, a bit of comedy and drama and lots of jazz. Starring Richard Gere, Catherine Zeta-Jones and with an unforgettable performance by Renée Zellweger, our dear beloved Bridget Jones,  Chicago is a musical triumph and an amazing experience. Welcome to another edition of MUST!

Velma Kelly is a performer who is being charged of killing her husband and sister after finding them sleeping in bed together. She is a huge sensation and is living Roxie’s dream. Roxie Hart is the kind of girl who lives stuck in the middle of four walls and who dreams of becoming a star. So when a guy decides to conquer her by promising her the accomplishment of her lifelong dream, Roxie becomes obsessed with the idea of becoming the next Velma Kelly. Unfortunately for her, the guy was just trying to get laid so, without thinking a bit about the consequences, she decides to kill him. Together in prison, they will share their life stories while they wait in the death row but thanks to Billy, their bad luck is about to change.

In the middle of a Chicago devastated by corruption and conquered by midnight shows where young and good-looking ladies danced at the sound of energetic jazz tunes it’s really funny to see how people deal with their problems. Even though everything is a bit exaggerated, every single scene becomes memorable (from the prison to the court and back to the stage) and that is something Rob Marshall should be proud of. The songs are really catchy… There’s “All That Jazz” performed by Catherine Zeta-Jones and also the unforgettable “Cell Block Tango” accompanied by a powerful choreography that left me speechless. So every single event in the movie is constantly accompanied by a bit of music and when the characters interact with each other everything works so pleasantly well. Richard Gere is kind of a ladies-man (well that’s probably the only thing he can do with style) and he is simply there to connect the two female rivals that will clash with bad words, sexy dances and media manipulation. Gere is the lawyer everyone wants and has the style and charisma to get everyone’s attention. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renée Zellweger both share their talent and their dream in the movie in an unforgettable rivalry.

Rob Marshall’s first big hit and definitely an example of how good and powerful a musical can be, Chicago is a dazzling movie, capable of making you sing and dance. It’s energetic, captivating and filled with life and movement. I saw it in a midnight session accompanied by my mom and in the end we both enjoyed it a lot. Whether you enjoy musicals or not, there’s something beautiful about Chicago that makes it so enjoyable and different than the rest. Great and enthusiastic performances, an energetic rhythm and a story about love affairs, dreams and crimes, Chicago has the full package.



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