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MOTELx Quick Review: Coherence


I left to the final act of my MOTELx Quick Reviews, the one movie that surprised me the most for reasons I will tell you soon. A sci-fi hit, a movie that impressed me and without any doubt one of the best movies picked by the organization, Coherence left me astonished and intrigued for most of the time. It looks really predictable at first but when the mystery enters in the scene, there’s no room for boredom and for disappointment. With a slow pace, Coherence takes some time to reveal itself but in the end, when all the pieces of the puzzle are gathered in the same table, there’s adrenaline, mystery and tension in the picture and you don’t know what to expect. It’s like you’re trapped alongside with the characters and the only way to get out of there is to know what is going on.

It was a quiet night that looked like any other and a group of eight friends was at a dinner party sharing their experiences and stories. Everything was going well until the lights go out. Strange things start happening and the group of friends will experience a troubling chain of reality bending events. In the end, several universes collide and no one knows who to trust because no one knows what universe they belong to. The only thing in common in every universe was the fact that a comet was passing overhead.

Coherence is addictive, intimate and surprising. A movie that interested me in particular for its strange production stage in which instead of a script the actors only received a card explaining the personality of their characters in each situation. At first, that seemed like a bad idea but when everything starts taking place, I realized that it was the best way to make it look more natural and interesting. With so many parallel universes, you don’t know where you are and who belongs in fact to the reality you’re watching.

It’s intriguing and mysterious and the story works amazingly well. The acting is also compelling and since the actors improvised a bit I must confess that I’m amazed with the way things looked. I felt absorbed by the story and for most of the time I felt like I was inside a cage without knowing how to escape from it. I enjoyed a lot the parallel universes idea because you only have a single clue of what’s going on in a more advance stage of the plot and because having several equal persons living different realities simultaneously is something we don’t usually watch. For those of you who’ve watched Triangle, these two movies are related in several aspects. The initial dialogues allow you to feel close to the characters because the group discussions look more natural and intimate. The moments of revelation are filled with tension and instead of giving everything away in one scene Coherence answers our questions with a slow pace and with an interesting development. Impressive and well acclaimed by critics and audience, Coherence was a surprise and a great choice for the festival.




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