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MOTELx Quick Review: Life After Beth (2014)

life after beth

  • Directed by: Jeff Baena
  • With: Aubrey Plaza, Dane DeHaan and John C. Reilly
  • 89 Minutes

This year, the organization of MOTELx decided to officially open the festival with a romantic comedy about zombies. Yep, from that small description it looks a lot that I’m talking about last year’s Warm Bodies but no. Zombies always were specific creatures dedicated to the horror genre but apparently someone saw their potential for comedies and now it looks like we’re living in an alternative world were romantic comedies with undead are a reality. Life After Beth is the name of the movie I’m about to review. A boy in love, a zombie apocalypse in coming… Everything could go wrong but the real question is: is it worth to watch?

Zach is devastated after his girlfriend’s death but when she returns to our world miraculously, he wishes to seize the most this second opportunity that fate gave to him. Unfortunately for poor Zach, Beth is not quite the person she was before and there’s not much he can do to improve his life.

Life After Beth stars John C. Reilly and Paul Reiser and was directed by Jeff Baena. The critical reception after its world premiere at the Sundance festival featured some pleasant compliments but this is not enough to say that picking this movie to open a horror film festival isn’t a risky choice. Although it reveals heart and soul, I did not feel compelled with it. I mean, there are really funny moments but it’s like the movie is divided into two different acts in which in the first one there’s love in the air and in the second one action and comedy rule the place. The characters are funny and I enjoyed watching Reilly on the screen but nothing memorable happened and that kind of let me down. I enjoyed Warm Bodies because it was different, it was romantic and funny but in Life After Beth I was incapable of feel anything except for laughing about some of the jokes. It’s funny to see how everything evolves and the love story is funny but the plot as a whole was not a big deal and I felt a bit bored in some moments. Probably I was not in the right mood to enjoy it or I was just expecting something better than Warm Bodies since the plots were a bit similar. In the end, I felt a constant lack of something that could give the movie another meaning in my mind. It was funny, romantic and all but nothing remarkable happens. So, if you’re thinking about watching it, consider leaving it to a more calm and funny night.



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