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MOTELx Quick Review: The Storm Within (2013)

storm within

  • Directed by: Martin Doepner
  • With: Isabelle Guérard, Lothaire Bluteau
  • 93 Minutes

The Storm Within was introduced as a singular movie in the selection for being intriguing and for the historical aspects. It was a revelation of the festival and a mix between horror and drama that shocked and amazed me. The Storm Within had unconventional villains and no one had strict characteristics. The development of the characters was intriguing for most of the time and when you think that the slow pace and the dramatic atmosphere will last till the end, the movie attacks your mind in a very twisted way. Directed by Martin Doepner, The Storm Within left me silent and it was a complete surprise to me.

In the New Year’s Eve, a Canadian family that lives in a faraway place will be part of a terrifying and traumatic experience. After watching the man of the house leaving to buy things for the night, the rest of the family stays at home and is visited by two mean British soldiers who scare everyone. But when a strong snow storm begins, the family receives the unexpected visit of five British soldiers who are looking for shelter after one of them got shot. With the husband still out there, the family provides comfort and helps the British soldiers… There were nice men in the group and mean ones but everyone was calm but when the alcohol starts making its effect, the family realizes why there was an injured soldier and the calm night soon transforms into a terrifying nightmare wrapped in tension and intrigue.

The whole movie worked as a traumatic experience in which is unclear deciding who the nice guys are. It’s a movie that suffers from a twisted development and that ends in a nasty and in a shocking way. The Storm Within worked both as a historical drama (with a good portrait of the 19th Century) and as a ruthless thriller… A rare movie that takes advantage of its complex characters to surprise everyone. The performances are curious and for most of the time I was shocked with the way everything worked. The movie tries really hard to create a notion of fear and evil that is constantly changing and this idea was absolutely amazing to watch. In the end, The Storm Within tries to surprise everyone and that mission is well accomplished and it’s an evil and twisted story capable of bringing our fears to the surface. Shocking, addictive and captivating, The Storm Within will remain in your head for a very long time.



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