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MOTELx Quick Review: The Guest (2014)

the guest


  • Directed by: Adam Wingard
  • With: Dan Stevens, Maika Monroe
  • 99 Minutes

This was probably one of my favorite movies from the festival and I must say that once again, after the surprisingly effective You’re Next, Adam Wingard was capable to surprise me a lot with this new movie about a soldier who takes advantage of a family whose son died in action. Everything works quite well in terms of pleasing you with action and intrigue and there aren’t boring moments during the entire movie. In a festival known for taking chances in the selection of movies, The Guest was definitely one of the best movies shown in MOTELx. A curious and dangerous story filled with a dazzling soundtrack that is inspired in the 80’s is what this movie has to offer.

Although it’s not a horror movie, Wingard’s newest movie is a great thriller and had style and charisma to please the fans of both genres. When a soldier named David (Dan Stevens) arrives to the town, he introduces himself to the Peterson family with a friendly and respectful attitude. He claims to be a friend of their son who died in action and he shows some pictures of them. But after several days helping the Peterson family, a series of accidental deaths seem to be connected to his presence. Will the family believe in the man? The Guest is a non-stop thriller that confirms the talent of Adam Wingard.

Dan Stevens’ charming character, David, is the center of the whole plot and his charisma and charm on screen will help you create an image of an innocent and friendly soldier who decides to help the family of his deceased friend. His performance is quite good and while he is on the screen there is always something great or funny happening. But it’s not just his character that works really well… The story was also quite good always filled with a mysterious atmosphere and great songs.

Energetic, intense, quick and funny, The Guest pleased me a lot and the whole movie worked quite well. Always with funny moments and jokes and with a great performance by Dan Stevens who was the perfect charming soldier, The Guest has a great pace and it’s capable to please more than just horror fans… An evidence of Wingard’s talent and a captivating movie for the viewer. The Guest has lots of potential and when David’s qualities suffer a huge transformation the movie suddenly gains a more violent look that was interesting to watch. In the end, everything worked really well and The Guest was simply another great movie comming from Wingard’s immagination.



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