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What If

what if

  • Directed by: Michael Dowse
  • With: Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan
  • 98 Minutes

For those of you who are looking for a “feel-good” movie, “What If” may have what it takes to stand out pretty well. Starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan, “What If” is the newest movie directed by Michael Dowse and it brings love and happiness to the theaters worldwide. Although it’s far from being the romantic hit of the year, “What If” reveals confidence and style and for most of the time, even though it’s a bit predictable, is capable of making you laugh and smile. For women and for men, “What If” is the right dish for a good romantic night.

When Wallace left the medical school after being cheated by his ex-girlfriend, he was a sad man with a heart filled with hopes. His romantic life and his relationships were kind of disappointing and unfortunately for him, everyone around him seemed to find the perfect partner. One day, in a party organized by his roommate and friend Allan, Wallace meets Chantry, a funny and good-looking animator who lives with her longtime boyfriend Ben. Out of nowhere, Wallace and Chantry create bonds and become great friends while they share their life experiences and expectations. But when love is in the air, their friendship is at stake and Wallace needs to find out the right way to conquer her without losing their instant and powerful connection.


With fresh and young faces, “What If” appears to be, at first, just one of those crappy comedy flicks but when Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe’s chemistry starts sprouting the movie becomes lovelier and sweeter. I should warn you that there are really predictable moments in the story and that those moments could easily crush your expectations but, in the end, when I left the theater, the predictable moments didn’t ruin me the whole experience and “What If” ended up being likable and funny. There are funny lines and moments but only few of them are remarkable and stick into your head and the chemistry between Zoe and Daniel is quite interesting to watch. Unfortunately the story was predictable and some of the moments seemed a bit rushed and forced. While the couple’s chemistry allowed the movie to look a lot more natural and sincere, “What If” follows the same direction as every other typical romance with a predictable and lovely ending more suitable to the fans of the genre. Because of this, I felt that in the end “What If” was enjoyable but there were several ways to make it a bit more interesting.

As for the performances, Daniel Radcliffe was funny and his good work made me feel like I was no longer watching the Harry Potter I know from my childhood years. He’s a talented young actor and the odds are definitely on his favor when he delivers a pleasant performance like the one he did. When actors are part of huge projects like Harry Potter it’s really easy for the viewer to relate the actor with his remarkable character but, fortunately for Radcliffe, his performance was enjoyable and he was able to surprise me a bit. I was unfamiliar with Zoe Kazan but I found her performance quite satisfying and lovely. As for the rest of the cast, I enjoyed Adam Driver’s performance and I must say that his presence on the screen is amusing and a bit contagious. The soundtrack of “What If” is appropriate to the genre and there are no significant technical aspects that deserve to be mentioned.


Overall, “What If” is a movie one could easily enjoy for its soft pace and lovely atmosphere. It’s a sweet story and the characters can easily amuse you and conquer you but there are some issues with the story I didn’t enjoy that much and when the movie was over, I felt that it was only a “feel good” movie and there wasn’t anything extraordinary in it. There are lovely details and a bit of comedy that works pleasantly well and the chemistry between the characters is good which allows the viewer to feel more related with the story. “What If” ended up being a romantic comedy capable of bringing a smile to everyone’s faces and it’s an enjoyable movie I advise you to watch if you want to have a good time in the theater.




  1. A very nice summary of what I found appealing in the film as well. It is predictable but there is a lot of charm on that predictable road and the two leads were excellent.

    • Thank you for your comment, I agree with your thoughts and I must say that watching Daniel in a romantic comedy was a really pleasent surprise. Thank you again!
      Best wishes

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