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So long, my Captain!

It’s always hard to say goodbye… And in life, the saddest part is that the moment you’ve to say goodbye is most of the times unexpected. Everything seems good but all of a sudden, something can go wrong and it’s time to say goodbye. Usually people say it’s too soon even though we all know life is unpredictable but the feeling of loss is too painful to think correctly and in these rough times, our feelings prevail. Yesterday, all of a sudden, the world lost one shining star… Robin Williams, an American actor born in the 50’s, was found dead at his residence and the laughs he brought to several generations of people were replaced by sadness. One of nowadays most inspiring and captivating comedy actors, Robin Williams was without any doubt Hollywood’s happy face. A timeless actor that will be remembered for his iconic roles, funny performances and for his family movies that allowed everyone at home to have a good time, Robin Williams is the face behind the Genie from Aladdin and the unforgettable “captain” from “Dead Poets Society”…

I was introduced to Robin Williams with “Flubber”, which I know it’s not the best of his works but was really funny back then when I was a kid. In this movie, Robin is a crazy professor that discovers “flubber”, a bouncy substance that looks like rubber. His substance created with the purpose of being a new source of energy allowed objects to fly and for me this was pretty cool. Robin was also Peter Pan in “Hook”, a movie directed by Steven Spielberg that I saw when I was 10 or 11 years old in which he faced Captain Hook, interpreted by Dustin Hoffman and with Maggie Smith as Granny Wendy.

In “Mrs. Doubtfire”, Robin plays a man who disguises himself as a female housekeeper in order to spend time with his children after a troubled divorce and he prove to everyone that he was the perfect man to play a nanny. His friendly and funny spirit was also present in “Jumanji”, in which Robin plays a man who was trapped in a jungle board game for several years and who was forced to play it again, releasing the creatures he faced before on the city.

With so much comedy and adventure running through his veins, Robin Williams was also psychologist who helped Matt Damon finding direction in his life in “Good Will Hunting”… A performance that gave him the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

Although he has only received one Oscar in his entire career for his role in “Good Will Hunting”, Williams’ most recognized movie is probably “Good Morning, Vietnam” in which he plays an unorthodox DJ who shakes up things after being assigned to Vietnam.

He was also a medical student, who treated his patients using humor in “Patch Adams” and was one of the main actors in Christopher Nolan’s “Insomnia”, both movies that are still known these days. In the end, his career was filled with several parts that were able to please both children and adults at the same time.

More recently he participated in “Happy Feet” and was also back to the style I was familiar with as Teddy Roosevelt in “Night at the Museum”. Throughout the several years of his career, Robin Williams was cheered for the joy he brought and for that charisma and happiness that was constantly surrounding him.

With a distinguished career, Robin Williams was one of nowadays most inspirational actors and will be forever remembered for his kind and unique performances that were suitable for everyone. And for the great movies he participated, for his amazing performances and for his kindness and happiness I want to say a deep thank you. Thank you for being an inspiration and a great actor, thank you for making me laugh and thank you for the great moments I had while watching your performances. So long, my Captain! And may the sadness of your loss be replaced by the happiness you brought to the world because it was a pleasure to witness your great work.




  1. Truly sad. He had a talent unlike that of other actors. His movies had a different feel, which could only be attributed to his personality and character connectivity with the viewer. I generally got such a good feeling watching a movie with him in it. “Patch Adams” is a favorite of mine for sure. Robin Williams will forever be missed.

    • Robin Williams was a great actor and I really think that the comedy genre just lost one of its finest treasures. The world lost a reason to smile and laugh… Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Best wishes!

  2. Great write-up! It has been heartwarming to see how much discussion has gone on about this legendary actor since his death. I never knew folks had such respect for him and it really goes to show how much of an impact he had in the business!

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