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Liebster Award: A Thank You Note

Back in May, I was nominated by lauren from mykindofmovie for The Liebster Award and I wrote an article about it that you can check out by clicking here. After accepting that nomination I’ve answered some questions asked by lauren and I’ve picked 11 great reviewers for this award as an acknowledgment for their work regarding the “Movie Blogging” community. After this nomination, I was not expecting to be nominated again since my project it’s still in a development stage and I’m still working on providing you the best experience possible in my website. Well, apparently Chris McBride, from abstracticality, one of the blogs I usually follow, decided to nominate me for The Liebster Award with really pleasant words attached to the nomination:

“Passion is the heart of blogging, and Panda’s Choice expresses a passion for both blogging and the cinema. Here’s a blog that knows what it’s talking about!”

Thank you a lot for the nomination Chris McBride, I am really proud to know that my work is appreciated throughout the world. I really hope to see you here more often sharing with me some of your thoughts.

Throughout the months I’ve met some really interesting people here at the wordpress blogosphere. While some of the bloggers enjoyed sharing their photos and stories others preferred to share their thoughts on books and movies and this creativity that surrounds every blogger I know is what allows this community to be truly amazing. I started blogging when I was fifteen years old, writing several chapters of a fictional story named “The Chronicles of Mike Terry” about a guy which was a vigilante that travelled throughout the entire city to save the lives of innocent people. The whole concept was based in Frank Miller’s “Sin City” so it was kind of dark but I enjoyed a lot writing every single chapter. While I was writing I felt like I was in a gigantic world full of opportunities and interesting things to talk about but in the end, since I didn’t like sharing my stories with most of the people I decided to shut down the blog and for several years I haven’t published anything.

As a huge fan of cinema, I watch movies really often, which kind of allows me to discuss topics related with this art so back in November, after watching “Malavita” also known as “The Family” by Luc Besson I decided to start writing reviews and from that moment one Panda’s Choice was officially on air. At first it was called “Haha, What a review Panda!”, a reference to Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room” but then I started using the name “Panda’s Choice” because it was shorter and more appealing. My first reviews were in Portuguese and were shorter since I had almost no experience in writing reviews but I decided to change that since most of my followers were not from Portugal.

Currently “Panda’s Choice” features several sections in which I publish several opinion and informative articles related with the world of cinema. And all this is possible due to the support of my girlfriend and closest friends and due to the inspiration that bloggers like Dan from Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews and Keith from Keith & The Movies. To all of these people I leave a huge thank you note.

In “Panda’s Choice” I reveal my thoughts but everyone is invited to share theirs through the comments section. I try to be faithful to my weekly schedule but due to college work sometimes it’s hard to write everything with the desired periodicity so I just try to do my best to please my followers and new visitors.

To accept Chris McBride’s nomination for The Liebster Award I’ll have to do a series of tasks:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award
2. Display the banner/sticker/logo on your blog
3. Answer the questions the award giver asked
4. List 11 facts about yourself
5. List your nominees

Well the first two ones are obligatory even if there weren’t any rules, so since they’re already done I will skip to the third point.

1. How rewarding do you find blogging on WordPress?

2. What is your favorite self-reviewed movie?

To answer your questions I must confess that the simple act of writing reviews is already rewarding by itself in my opinion. It’s a way to share my thoughts and to express my feelings towards one of my biggest passions and therefore I’m proud of my work and of the reviews and articles I wrote throughout these months. But, the fact that from times to times I am able to read touching words like yours, congratulating me for my work and giving me support to continue it, is something that makes me feel really happy towards my project. Blogging at WordPress is one of my hobbies now and I feel great for knowing that there are people out there that like the things I write.

My favorite self-reviewed movie is definitely “The Godfather” by Francis Ford Coppola, a masterpiece in every sense of the word and the perfect combination of drama, action, plot and amazing performances.

Regarding what can I say about myself…? Well I’m 21 years old, I’m a huge enthusiast of cinema and I watch movies really often, I’m an engineering student and I’ve just finished my first cycle of studies. I enjoy horror movies a lot, I am a huge fan of Sin City and I have a fall for romances. “The Fault in Our Stars” was the book that changed my reading habits so John Green is one of my favorite authors. I only discovered Wes Anderson this year and I feel a bit embarrassed about it since he’s probably one of the most extravagant and creative directors I’ve ever heard of. I enjoy writing and my music idol is Jon Bon Jovi. If this isn’t enough, feel free to ask me anything.

And because this is a great award that allows me to acknowledge other bloggers for their great work, here are my nominations for The Liebster Award (just click on the names to visit the respective blogs):

Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews : Probably one of the best movie bloggers out there, always sincere and with amazing reviews. He was one of the first blogs I followed so therefore he was a true inspiration for my work. If you want to watch a particular movie but you have some doubts whether it’s good or not, Dan is the right man to answer your question.

Keith & The Movies : Another blog I followed in my first months here at WordPress and a promising movie blog. Here you can find bloggers discussing ideas, great reviews and if you decide to comment whether for giving a compliment or for expressing a doubt, Keith is always there to answer you. A movie blogger you can trust for sure.

A World of Film : A movie blog where you can find anything you wish to know about new movies or classics. Great reviews and articles is what the crew behind “A World of Film” is always ready to offer.

Parlor of Horror : A blog for the horror enthusiasts that, like me, enjoy knowing a bit more about the world of horror movies. A series of great articles and reviews that are worth to read, the “Parlor of Horror” is one of my favorite places to visit when I want to discover new horror movies.

– Thy Critic Man : One of the most irreverent, interesting and amazing movie blogs you can find, “Thy Critic Man” is an example of what the movie blogging community is trying to do. Forget about mainstream reviewers, “Thy Critic Man” is a great guy with amazing reviews and always there to discuss with you about your thoughts on movies. Go check on his work because it’s really great.

And finally because it’s really hard to find words for every single blog in my Blog Roll for their great work and creativity, here’s my nomination for:

Keith & The Movies

30 Years On: 1984 a Great Year for Movies 




Thank you again Chris for the nomination and a huge thank you to those who supported “Panda’s Choice” with their thoughts and opinions. I’m really proud to be part of this huge community.




  1. Hey dude! Thanks a lot for the nomination! I’m here to answer a few of your questions! Unfortunately, I might not get a chance to do my own post because August is crazy. I’m remotely covering an independent festival from Montreal, working TIFF (Toronto Film Festival) in person and dealing with my day job (GNC) giving me a ton of hours all of a sudden haha. So yeah…sleep has been brief!


    1. Awesome! Even though I am writing for free and spending countless hours doing so, I am meeting people in an industry that I want to spend my life in! I have recieved many cool opportunities since starting my blog last December and opened up many doors…Well, I hope so anyways.

    2. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes!

    Few Facts:

    1. I’m 22 and going back to school for film and professional writing. Graduated out of Police Foundations originally but eh…no interest.

    2. Planet of the Apes Franchise is possibly my favorite one

    3. I work out just as much as I watch movies

    4. I adore food and am passionately in love with coffee

    • You’re doing a really amazing job and these awards are grate ways to tell you that! When I started my project I was a bit all my self, kind of lost, but now at last I made some contacts and I am really proud of everything I made so far! Thank you for sharing some facts about you. I hope you’ll continue with your great work!
      Best wishes!

  2. Great post! I enjoy being able to learn more about the bloggers that I follow and this post says so much. I honestly had no idea you had already been nominated before for the same award (shows how well I looked into to it…haha), but I’m glad to have mentioned you. Long live Panda’s Choice!

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