Friday Madness
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This week some curious things happened… The first teaser trailer for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Part I” was launched, Michael Bay is back with 168 minutes of explosions and North Korea threatened the USA after the release of the trailer for the movie “The Interview” with Dave Franco and Seth Rogen. Yep this was a pretty busy week… But first let me start by revealing this week’s new trailers!


So I’m a bit confused with this one. I’m not sure about my expectations and I’m seriously concerned that this one might be another movie ruining Michael Bay’s career. The turtles look bad, the trailers I’ve seen were simply okay without anything exciting being shown and since and I don’t think that there’s anything good in the trailer that should be mentioned. For those of you who don’t know the story of the cartoon, basically the turtles alongside with a mouse, their father figure, fight evil and eat pizza. I was not a huge fan of the cartoon back in my childhood years and I’m still not moved with what was already shown. But share with me your thoughts on this new trailer.


Yep, another movie about the most famous vampire in the world… A fantasy/adventure movie about a man who becomes Dracula… Welcome to the world of “Dracula Untold”!


Bruce Willis is back alongside with John Cusack in an action-packed movie that features a retired assassin and the kidnapping of his daughter. The trailer is just out and it looks that it is going to please action movie fans.


Perhaps one of this week’s most controversial news was the threat made by North Korea against the US about the release of the new movie starring Seth Rogen and Dave Franco in which two talk show hosts will travel to North Korea to interview Kim Jong-un but after being enlisted as agents by the US they are ordered to assassinate North Korea’s most important man (Feel free to read Seth Rogen’s response by clicking here). The trailer looks really awesome and my expectations are high. Just like “This is the End” and “The Neighbors”, “The Interview” is capable of being one big hit in the theaters worldwide.


Posters were released with models dressing the outfits that represent each district ( ), an official twitter page for the capitol ( ) alongside with the hashtag #OnePanem and an official website ( )… The first steps of propaganda are over and one thing is for sure, it’s making everyone feel excited with the first chapter of “Mockingjay”. For those of you who haven’t read the  book yet I will suggest you to do so because although many of the fans consider the 3rd book as the worst in the saga, its story is packed with lots of action and drama that will make you cry and cheer for everyone involved. But there was something missing… So many posters and clever advertising ideas need to be accompanied by a great trailer and this week (at last) the world received a gift from “the capitol”… The first teaser trailer for the movie was launched and it’s an announcement made by President Snow accompanied with Peeta.

Without anything else to say about this week, it’s time for me to say goodbye. Follow Panda’s Choice on facebook or twitter to know what’s new on the website and don’t forget…

Panem todayPanem tomorrow, Panem forever!




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