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  • Directed by: Steven Knight
  • With: Tom Hardy, Olivia Colman, Andrew Scott
  • 85 Minutes

Steven Knight, known from movies like “Eastern Promises” and “Closed Circuits”, is the responsible for one of the most impressive movies of this year. In fact, movies like this one are rare nowadays. With a powerful and original story of one man who made one serious mistake, “Locke” is one of those thrillers that will surprise you and intrigue you throughout the entire length. With a dazzling and powerful performance by Tom Hardy and a beautiful cinematography, this amazing thriller did not disappoint me one single bit. The story of “Locke” is told in a monotonic tone that allows the audience to feel attached with the feelings of the main character. Slowly, Knight is capable of showing an evolution of a character that was trying to fix everything wrong in his life.


Basically Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) is a construction foreman charged with the supervision of a massive concrete pour in Birmingham who discovers that Bethan (Olivia Colman), a co-worker with whom he had a one-night affair, is about to have a baby and that he is the father. Unfortunately for Locke, in order to be with Bethan in the hospital he has to abandon his family and his job and to drive to London. In his rushed trip to London, Locke will try to fix his mistake with the help of his assistant, Donal (Andrew Scott), and will have to fight against all odds in order to keep his house, his family and his job.

“Locke” is a journey into the world of one man who had everything and that in approximately 90 minutes, might lose all the things he took for granted. A captivating drama that gains strength with a top-quality performance by Tom Hardy, who left me speechless while I was leaving the theater. The many events of this story are sometimes hard to follow and in the end I must confess that I was not sure about everything that took place into Locke’s trip to London. While following a man fixing his mistakes, “Locke” allows the viewer to judge his decisions and acts. I watched “Locke” in a small theater accompanied with my girlfriend and I must confess that the atmosphere surrounding the movie, with the colorful traffic lights filling the darkness in the room, demands a small room with few people in order to feel and observe every detail in Locke’s expression and mood.


With a story so powerful like this one, is impossible to feel indifferent regarding the main character. It’s impossible to not feel the sadness and fear surrounding Ivan Locke… “Locke” is definitely one of those movies that demands to be seen and that unfortunately is only available in few theaters here in Portugal.

“Locke” is quite an impressive work by Steven Knight, who after “Eastern Promises” was capable of pleasing me with an unconventional story that proves that it’s still possible to find originality in cinema. Different from everything I’ve seen, “Locke” is a strong movie with an intriguing and mysterious story and a brilliant performance by Tom Hardy that is really close from awesomeness. Cruel, cool and amusing, “Locke” was a really special experience that I will keep in my mind for a very long time.





  1. I need to see this. Great analysis sir. Maybe Hardy will get some Academy recognition for this? Too early to definitely say I guess.

    • It’s still to early to guess a recognition from Academy but only a talented actor is capable of doing Hardy’s performance. “Locke” is one-man show and deserves to be praised. It’s rare nowadays to have the oportunity to watch a movie like “Locke”.

    • “Locke” was a powerful thriller thanks to Tom Hardy who was tallanted enough to make everything look amazingly interessting. Great movie indeed… Thank you for the comment! Best wishes

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