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Fantastic Mr. Fox


  • Directed by: Wes Anderson
  • With: George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray
  • 87 Minutes
  • IMDb: 7.8

Probably before “Grand Budapest Hotel” the number of times I’ve heard of Wes Anderson was really close to zero. I was unaware of his recognizable style and irreverence. After watching “The Royal Tenembaums” I started to enjoy a lot the way he tells his unusual stories. The art concept, the sets, the characters… Everything shines when it’s masterfully put into the world of Wes Anderson. Just like poets tell us stories in more sentimental ways, Wes’ movies are like touching and captivating pieces of heart that are really easy to fall in love with. With this being said, I am finally able to talk about the latest movie I’ve seen while I was preparing myself for another college exam.


One day, while reading Wes’ filmography, one specific title got my attention: “Fantastic Mr. Fox”. I decided to search for relevant information about the movie and I was thrilled when I noticed that this was an animated movie. It was funny to picture Wes’ style in an animated movie. “Fantastic Mr. Fox” is the story of a male fox which is very successful at stealing chickens and who is forced to stop the thievery after knowing that he was going to be a father. In order to help his wife raising the kid, he started writing his own column on the newspaper. But his basic instincts prevailed and after moving to bigger tree, he decides to steel chickens one last time without realizing that his great plan could end in his family and friends deaths.


Instead of being just an animated movie made for children, “Fantastic Mr. Fox” is suitable for grown-ups who still enjoy a sentimental and lovely tale. The humor is constant throughout the length of the movie and there were only few moments when there was nothing relevant happening. By following the same steps of his previous works, Anderson delivered another pretty damn good job that made me feel really good. A movie that is suitable for every moment and that an adult could easily share with kids. “Fantastic Mr. Fox” is a story about the life of a fox who wanted to be fantastic and the way it achieves is goal is kind and it leaves a great message for everyone regarding the importance of sharing and helping our community.


“Fantastic Mr. Fox” is one of those movies that are capable of getting immediately the audience’s attention with the large amount of interesting details that are shown. Probably one of the best animated movies I’ve seen and another great movie by this amazing director that was unfamiliar to me and that has become one of my favorite directors in Hollywood. Even though “Fantastic Mr. Fox” is an animated movie, Wes brought elements of his other movies and that describe perfectly his unconventional yet delightful style. Mr. Fox (George Clooney) is a really interesting character that learns how to give his kid the attention and respect he deserves and that it was always capable of making me smile a bit. George Clooney’s voice fit perfectly in this character.


Overall, “Fantastic Mr. Fox” is a great animated feature with a quite simple promise and a lovely message suitable for everyone and that just like any other Wes Anderson movie is capable of impress and amaze. Another triumph for probably one of Hollywood’s greatest directors, “Fantastic Mr. Fox” is one of those movies that could easily cheer you up in one bad day.





  1. Good review Tiago. It was exactly like every other Wes Anderson movie, except this time, with animation. Slightly cooler, I must say.

    • Thank you Dan. I agree with you and I must confess that since I discovered this amazing director every movie I saw directed by him is capable of amuse and impress me. Wes is definetly an amazing director and I will try to check on “Life Aquatic” as soon as possible. Best wishes!

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