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  • Directed by: Nicholas Stoller
  • With: Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Rose Byrne
  • 96 Minutes
  • IMDb: 7.4

“Neighbors” is the new movie directed by the same man who brought the Muppets back together. It’s a comedy about a family who has to fight against a fraternity to regain the peace they had while living in the neighborhood. It’s always funny to watch a comedy with Seth Rogen and this one wasn’t an exception. “Neighbors” was hilarious and it was probably Zac Efron’s first good movie.


Mac and Kelly Radner (interpreted by Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne) are a couple with a newborn baby and they’re  just getting used to parenting. Their lifes were steady and the calm neighborhood where they lived was the perfect environment to raise a kid. But when a fraternity moves into the house next door, Mac and Kelly will lose the peace and quiet surrounding the neighborhood. The fraternity Delta Psi was controlled by Teddy (interpreted by Zac Efron), the president, and by his right hand man Pete (interpreted by Dave Franco). After deciding to go for a nicer and friendly approach, Mac and Kelly ask Teddy if they could be a bit careful with the loud noise. Unfortunately for them, after attending one of the frat parties and after swearing to Teddy that they would talk to him before talking with the cops about the noise issue, a loud party forces them to call the cops and all of a sudden a war against the fraternity begins.


I have to confess that I was expecting a comedy with the same level of quality as “This is the End” since the first reviews were really good but there was something left in “Neighbors”. The movie was hilarious and there are great aspects that allow me to support this movie but the originality of “This is the End” was not there. Seth Rogen’s war against Delta Psi is  full of crazy and unbelievable events that will make you laugh for sure.


It’s really hard to tell you everything I loved about “Neighbors” without revealing most of the fun parts. It’s funny, irreverent and crazy. “Neighbors” is one of those comedies that mixes the party moments of “American Pie” with some family moments that fit really well. Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen were like a power couple with enough chemistry to be both lovely and awesome while the hate relationship between Zac and Seth is just something that we’ve all seen before. In the end, I believe that Zac’s character could be perfectly played by any actor and that all the success of “Neighbors” is due to another hilarious Seth Rogen performance.


The parties of Delta Psi are a lot better than the huge parties of “Project X” and “Spring Breakers” and I think that even though the story isn’t that original, “Neighbors” works really well and it has great potential for being one of this year’s best comedies. A promising comedy that was capable of delivering really funny moments and that got me right in the beginning.

Overall, “Neighbors” is worth watching and has lots of potential. This new comedy starring Seth Rogen will make you laugh for sure.



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  1. “Má Vizinhança”: 4*

    “Má Vizinhança” é um filme bastante divertido e irreverente, gostei de ver este alegre filme.
    “Neighbors” tem momentos hilariantes, mas não é perfeito pois também partes deveras parvas.
    PS, eu continuo a preferir o Project X. 😉

    Cumprimentos, Frederico Daniel.

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