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Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later (Series)



  • With: Matt DeNoto and Dana DeRuyck
  • Produced by:  Furious Molecules
  • 1 Season – 2012 – 98 Minutes (aprox.)
  • IMDb:7.1

Review: Before I start this review, I will quote Furious Molecules’ summary of the series: “‘Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later” it’s a parody web series produced by Furious Molecule that takes a look at our hero ten years after taking down He-Whose-Name-Nobody-Quite-Remembers (but before that sappy epilogue full of kids). Things have changed significantly in Harry’s world. With no dark wizards or witches left, the Ministry of Magic’s Auror Department shuts down, leaving Harry unemployed. Ginny wants to start a family, Hermione is having doubts about her goody-goody lifestyle, and Ron… well, he’s Ron. Everything seems very average in a late-twenties-problem kind of way– but as always, trouble finds Harry yet again.”

The series was just so amazing and it’s worth watching. It’s almost 90 minutes of “I do not know what is going to happen next”. Everything it’s fresh and really funny. A comedy made for all Harry Potter fans out there. “Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later” will bring you a weird plot and crazy new characters. Hermione is now crazy, Ginny continues the same sweet girl she was at Hogwarts and Draco… Well perhaps it’s better for you to take a look.

“Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later” it’s divided into eight episodes (episode no.7 it’s divided into two parts) with 12 minutes each approximately. After hearing about it, I watched the first episode on YouTube and I laughed so hard that I became addicted to the show. The story it’s funny, the characters are all grown up and everything fits together in this small parody. So after all this, what are you waiting for?

Available on YouTube (links in the end of the post), “Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later” it’s a really great pick for you to watch right now. Have fun!


PLAYLIST (Trailer + All Episodes):

THE COMPLETE SERIES (All Episodes together on the same video):






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