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Projector No.2: 2014

I had some difficulties in writing this chronicle because my calendar was filled with exams for college. There is so much to talk about this week that I don’t know how to start this. We had the announcement of this year’s Oscars Nominees, the Golden Globe’s and Critics Choice winners, “Batman vs. Superman” was pushed to 2016, “The Legend of Hercules” and “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones” brought disappointment around the world and “The Monuments Men” was pushed to next month and Von Trier’s sexual drama recieved really good reviews. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the “Projector”!

PART I: The Most Anticipated Movies 

It’s true that 2014 started with the wrong foot with the releases of “The Legend of Hercules” and “Paranormal Activity:The Marked Ones” but this year is also provided with movies that appear to be really exciting to watch. The disappointment around the new Hercules’ film increased a little bit my expectations for the new Aaron Eckhart picture “I, Frankenstein”. Unfortunatley, those expectations are now lower since I’ve discorvered that the movie was rated PG-13 which could mean that this is just another action movie filled with fantasy and with a catchy title.


I expect great things from “Lone Survivor”  where Mark Wahlberg is Marcus Luttrell, a man who was set out with his team on a mission to capture Ahmad Shahd (an Al Qaeda leader) and “The Monuments Men”, directed by Geroge Clooney and with a terrific cast. Since “Good Night and Good Luck” I’ve become sort of a fan of Clooney’s directing skills so my expectations for this WW II drama are really big.


“The LEGO Movie” is another one of my big picks for this year’s releases. The trailer was really cool and I’m expecting that this is one will be a very funny film.


In February, “Pompeii”, “Robocop”, “A Fantastic Fear of Everything” and “Vampire Academy” will also hit the theaters. I must confess that I am a bit sceptic about “Robocop” and “A Fantastic Fear of Everything” but the presence of Simon Pegg in the second one and the fact that Gary Oldman is in the first one are some great aspects about both of the films.


In March, we will have the oportunity to watch the sequel of one of the most visionary films of Zack Snyder with the return of Rodrigo Santoro to the big screen as Xerxes. You know I’m talking about “300:Rise of an Empire”! But wait, because there is more. On the same week we will have also the new film from Wes Anderson in the theaters around the globe. “The Grand Budapest Hotel” appears to be extravagant and its terrific cast only provides more reasons to be anticpating it. I trully believe that having Jude Law, Edward Norton, Bill Maurry, Ralph Fiennes and Tilda Swinton in the same package is one hell of a cast!


Darren Aronofsky, the director that brought to us “Requiem for a Dream”, “Black Swan” and “The Wrestler”, is also presenting his epic vision of Noah’s Arc biblic story in “Noah” with Russel Crowe and Emma Watson in the lead.


And while Marvel attacks the theaters worldwide with “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”, two additions to the well-known Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lars Von Trier brings magic to the screen with his new 4-hour two-part divided epic sexual journey about the life of a sex addict “Nymphomaniac” with Shia LaBeouf, Uma Thurman, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Willem Dafoe and Stacy Martin.


Sony and Marvel’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” will be competing at the box office against Bryan Singer’s “X-Men: Days of The Future Past”. And the competition will get bigger with the adition of “Neighbors”, a comedy with Seth Rogen and Zac Effron, and Disney’s “Maleficent” with Angeline Jolie as the villian from the fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty”.


In the begining of the summer we will have the first film shot with the brand new IMAX3D cameras, Michael Bay’s “Transformers 4:Age of Extinction” and Dream Works is bringing “How to Train Your Dragon 2”. From both of them I’m expecting some great things. The first one will be an improvement in all the cinema experiene while the second is the sequel of one of the best animated films of the decade.


In June, Chaning Tatum will team up with Jonah Hill in “22 Jump Street”. The first one was really great but after watching the trailer for the sequel, I’m pretty sure that I will be satisfied.


One of this years highlights, in my opinion is the adaptation of John Green’s Young Adult novel “The Fault In Our Stars”, a really touching story about Hazel and Augustus, two teenagers who you will definetly fall in love with. I must confess that after I read the book I realized that this one will be a really powerful movie that will prove one and for all that young adult novels can actually be really powerful and touching.


After this one, I will give emphasys to the so long waited “Sin City” sequel, “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke and more. I waited so long for this one since I enjoyed really much the visionary style of Miller and Rodriguez in the first one.


“Dawn of The Planet of The Apes” it is my highlight for the month of July. After the really great “Rise of The Planet of The Apes”, the trailer for the sequel only increased my expectations. I am really looking forward to see this one!


Eli Roth’s “The Green Inferno” it’s at this time the major highlight in Horror films of the year. A film that tries to recriate all the gore and horror from Deodato’s “Canibal Holocaust”.


And at last, in the two last months of the year we will have two huge films competing against each other. The first one is the third installment on “The Hunger Games” saga “Mockingjay:Part I” hits the theaters in November and trust me that this will be a hell of a ride! But this year, one week earlier, Christopher Nolan brings his new film with Matthew McConaughey (who has proven that his acting skills are really great in “Dallas Buyers Club”) “Interstellar”! November will be definetly a great month for moviegoers!


Between November and December, we will also be able to watch two sequels that could be really interesting to watch. I’m talking about “Horrible Bosses 2” and “Night at the Musuem 3”. 

At last but not less important, Peter Jackson brings the third and final installment of “The Hobbit”, “The Hobbit: There and Back Again”, which I do believe it’s a fantastic way to close this year packed with promissing new pictures!

PART II: A Look on The Globes, The Critics Choices and the Oscars Nominees

The final topic of this chronicle will be my first look on this year’s “Road to the Oscars”. After the Golden Globes ceremony and the announcment of the Oscars nominess I must confess that I am a bit shocked with the fact that “Inside Llewyn Davis” is out of the Oscars nominees. Perhaps one of the best films directed/written by the Coen brothers was left out of the competition. Ron Howard’s “Rush” abscence in the nominees was also notorious and Tom Hanks was also forgotten in the “Best Actor” cattegory. First I want to congratulate Steve McQueen for his win in both Globes and Critics Choice and also David O’Russel for winning also some of the best awards and for conquering “The Big Seven” again at the Oscars nominations. Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto are also two sure wins at the Oscars considering their briliant performances in “Dallas Buyers Club” and the fact that both of them won at the Critics Choice and at the Golden Globes. But I will leave my picks for the next month because I haven’t seen many of this year’s nominees.

The End


 A brief analysis on the Best Picture of the Year award contenders.



  1. Finalmente vi “Atividade Paranormal – Os Escolhidos” e adorei.
    “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones” deu-nos uma visão e locais diferentes dos outros filmes da saga e foi uma mais-valia.
    5* – Cumprimentos Frederico Daniel

  2. “The Monuments Men – Os Caçadores de Tesouros”: 3*

    “The Monuments Men – Os Caçadores de Tesouros” tem uma história interessante e é um bom filme, mas é apenas isso.
    “The Monuments Men” tem um rico elenco, mas penso que os desempenhos prestados poderiam ter estado melhores.

    Cumprimentos, Frederico Daniel.

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