• Directed by: Duncan Jones
  • With: Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey
  • 97 Minutes

Without knowing anything about the movie and I mean really anything (plot, cast, trailer, etc.), I’ve decided to give it a chance and watch “Moon” simply because two friends of mine told me to do so. I was told that the story was really interesting and that both of my friends enjoyed it a lot so I decided that it could be a good choice to watch. I was also warned to not watch the trailer because it revealed some key information regarding the story which now that I think about it was definitely a great suggestion since the whole plot is involved in a mysterious atmosphere and the trailer could potentially ruin my experience. So, there I was accompanied by my girlfriend watching “Moon” in the living room, without knowing anything about it and during the whole movie, despite the low pace and some issues that I will mention later, my mind was absorbed into the claustrophobic and mysterious atmosphere that is around the daily life of the main character, Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell).

You may know Sam Rockwell from the 2013’s movie “The Way Way Back” in which he plays a really mean guy or from “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” but that doesn’t matter because his role in “Moon” it’s equivalent to Bullock’s role in “Gravity”. “Moon” is a one man show with Sam Rockwell in the center of the stage (well, he is sometimes accompanied by Kevin Spacey who is the voice of a robot called GERTY). In “Moon” we watch the character he plays, Sam Bell, in the last days of the three year work contract with Lunar Industries. In these three years, Sam’s job was to harvest and periodically rocket back to Earth supplies of Helium-3, the only clean and abundant fuel used in our planet. As the only employee in the lunar station and due to the impossibility to directly communicate with planet Earth, Sam Bell’s company was GERTY, an intelligent computer that was there to attend his day to day needs. But after being stuck for almost three years in an isolated place without human contact, Sam starts hallucinate and his wish to return home to be with his wife Tess and his daughter Eve becomes stronger.


Two weeks before his three-year contract, Sam has an accident at one of the harvesters and he wakes up, injured, at the infirmary inside the station while being assisted by GERTY. With a rescue team on the way to the moon to check if everything is right, Sam travels to the location of his accident where we will find another Sam Bell, injured and unconscious and this shocking discovery is the beginning of a mystery that will put both Sam Bell’s lives in danger.

“Moon” has a curious atmosphere that mixes a slow pace with all the mystery and intrigue that surrounds the lunar station. Although there are some facts that I wanted to see better explained, the main plot conquered me throughout the entire length of the movie. From Sam’s relationship with his family to the rushed ending that was a bit weak in my opinion when compared with the rest of the movie, “Moon” has some notorious flaws that prevented it from being an amazing Sci-Fi movie. For a movie with less than 100 minutes, the rushed ending is acceptable in terms of the length but it was disappointing in terms of quality. When a viewer watches an hour and a half of a character hallucinating and living isolated from the rest of the world with only one computer to satisfy his basic needs of indirect contact, he expects an ending that could be as strong as the rest of the movie was.


Sam Rockwell’s performance is strong and captivating which makes Sam Bell’s day to day life a really interesting topic for a movie plot. Kevin Spacey is also there, most of the times, giving support to Sam as a supporting character that was built with the purpose to help Sam with his chores. In the first minutes I watched Sam Bell’s day to day life, his chores, his hobbies, his talks with GERTY and all this seemed natural and interesting to me. But what really got me in the movie was the fact that without losing the mysterious and peaceful atmosphere, the whole controlled situation turned into a messed up mystery that was really intriguing.

For a low budget movie, “Moon” stands out pretty well… The visual effects are good enough for a Sci-Fi movie, the plot is interesting and the mystery mixed with the quite pace works surprisingly well without boring moments. In the end, “Moon” is a pleasant experience that, despite the poor ending, basically conquered and surprised me. Watch it and trust me, if you like good stories with mystery in the background, “Moon” is a good choice.





The next movie I wanted to include in my “Must” category is currently celebrating 72 amazing years of existence and it’s probably one of the most remarkable classics you’ll see. For Michael Curtiz this was his “masterpiece”, a story about love, tragedy and war. “Casablanca”, alongside with other powerful movies such as “Gone and the Wind”, was released during the World War II and was only available in some countries after 1945. The story takes place in Casablanca during WWII, one of the most devastating events the world has passed through. In this city people had the chance to get a flight to Lisbon and to run away for America, escaping the Nazi supremacy in Europe. Therefore refugees from all Europe started arriving Casablanca with the hope that better years were only a plane ticket away.

Unfortunately, the refugees needed a visa to leave Casablanca and the only way they could obtain it without involving Captain Renault’s presence in the process is in the black market. So because of that only the richest men had the opportunity to leave Casablanca while the rest was stuck in the city trying to win some money by gambling or stealing. Those were really messy days for an African city…

To win some money by gambling, people would try very often the small casino that existed inside “Rick’s Café Américain”, the most popular nightspot in town, run by Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart), an exiled American who fought for freedom but that took a neutral position after his arrival in Casablanca. But when Rick finds himself in the possession of two valuable letters of transit, Nazi Major Strasser arrives and with Captain Renault doing what he can to please him they’ll try to detain the Czechoslovak underground leader Victor Laszlo before he can reach the letters of transit. Laszlo arrives in Casablanca with Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman), who was Rick’s lover before he ran away from Europe.

When Laszlo and Ilsa arrive to Rick’s nightspot, they surprise everyone from Strasser to Rick, and to remember to good old days before the Germans decided to invade France, she implores Sam, Rick’s friend and house pianist, to play “As Time Goes By”. Rick, bitter towards Ilsa, who decided to ran out on him in Paris, orders Sam to stop playing the song that meant so much for all of them. After knowing about the letters, Laszlo asks Rick for the tickets but he refuses to give them which puts his life and Ilsa’s life in danger. In the end, two letters of transit, a fugitive, two former lovers, a Nazi Major and a funny Captain will provide you almost two hours of love, tragedy and comedy.

There are several things you will remember from “Casablanca”… Whether is the “Rick’s Café Américain” where everyone has a story to tell or the always funny presence of Captain Renault who allows everything that is in his favor, Michael Curtiz’s movie is one of a kind. Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman share a really special chemistry on screen that rare to be found. In “Casablanca” we watch dreams come true and several promises of a better future being made… We watch two former lovers arguing and falling in love with each other at the same time… We watch those who defend freedom and those who oppress it… We watch the struggle of the refugees and the parties of the richest… A mix of feelings, events and people that describes how is life in a city that allows dreams to come true.

“Casablanca” is one of those movies I will never forget, a journey through time in which evil and good are constantly fighting. The story of a man who could command an operation to take a stand towards the Nazi oppression and the story of two lovers who separated after the invasion in France… All this together makes one of the most brilliant movies I’ve seen. A timeless epic tale that you have probably heard of…

With amazing performances, a powerful plot and dazzling characters, “Casablanca” is obligatory for practically everyone, a movie that demands to be watched and to be appreciated. Unforgettable, lovely and powerful, “Casablanca” has some flaws, of course, but in the middle of so many wonderful things, only the good ones stand out.

And when there is nothing good to watch, you must always keep in your mind that as time goes by we will always have Casablanca!


“It’s still the same old story
A fight for love and glory
A case of do or die.
The world will always welcome lovers
As time goes by.”

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